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Cinque Terre

Third time is a charm they said, i went to cinque terre three years ago with my mom before my fashion journey started , the second time was two years ago when Hippiegonemad grew bigger than i have ever expected and this time i went to cinque terre for the third time after my graduation. I really hope i''ll start another exciting journey of fashion and of course life after my summer adventure. Can't wait to be back to Indonesia next week! See you guys soon, be safe during and after presidential election. I'm praying for you guys and our country Indonesia. Btw i'll give you some information just  in case you want to go to Italy(specifically cinque terre) for your lebaran holiday. Oh another thing to share, since you guys request for a simple daily outfit post, as you can see i wear a super casual outfit to cinque terre, and i also wear my LV bag because... thou shall travel with LV. :)

Cinque terre is 5 villages in the coast of Italy called la Spezia, The five villages are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore you can visit each village by train!

From Milan you should take a train to la Spezia Centrale, usually you hop on another train in genova the round trip will cost you around 64 euro/person. I've been there three times so unless you really really have the time to explore, i suggest you to go to Riomaggiore, Manarola and Vernazza. You could also go to Monterosso if you want to spend more time at the beach, because the other villages don't have any sandy beach. Manarola is my personal favorite!

What to do in Cinque Terre:
It will took the whole day to explore everything but if you have the time, do stay for one night and see the lights of Cinque Terre. In Manarola you could go to an agency in Via Roma 24 for more information about hotels or rooms in the village.

-Swimming: You could jump from the cliff right to the Mediterranean Sea, be careful i saw a groups of jellyfish once.
-Seafood Galore: I think every restaurant is amazing, you should try the pasta with lobster or seafood platter. Super yummy!
-Photoshoot: Okay ladies you need to put the best summer outfit on because the view in every cities are amazing, so bring more than 2 outfits(or maybe if you have the body just bring a cute set of bikini). If you love axioo then you already know that some of the couples choose Manarola to be their pre-wedding destination :)
-Enjoy the local bar!
-Explore the village: from church to small souvenir shops!
-Hiking:There's a huge track for hiking in every villages.

I could give you a lot more info about the food and where to explore but i think you should have your own adventure there, find the best gelato in Manarola, play volleyball with a bunch of italian in Monterosso and don't forget to share your story with me if you go to cinque terre :). Have fun guys!

Bag:Louis Vuitton 


Louis Vuitton Fall 2013-Menswear

I'm sure that all of you fashion babies saw the live streaming of Louis Vuitton menswear fashionshow last week, i'm inspired by the menswear details lately. All i can say is Brava Kim Jones! We will see a lot of velvet for menswear i guess, Kim Jones gave us the idea of the perfect traveling outfit for men. It wasn't LV if there was no leather and precious bags in the runway. It was a breathtaking moment for me when i saw the boys walking down the runway. I could see a lot of 1800's inspiration, the asian influence in man's exotic robes with the asian prints reminds me a lot of the 1800 era.