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Mad Thoughts of The Day#1-LDR

For those who asked me to make a new outfit post, this picture above explains how busy i was. i moved to my new apartment last week, i need to go to my friend's apartment(a.k.a ayu) just to asked her to share her internet with me (kisskissayu). I never thought that i have so much things in my apartment til i moved and forced myself to put everything in order(by myself T__T).
I wish mr.B was there when i need him the most to bring all of the heavy things and to give me a back massage or maybe just a simple hug is enough. A lot of people asked me lately about LDR(long distance relationship) through twitter, formspring, email, bbm, facetoface, etc. I'm not an expert in this area, but at least i know how it feels to miss your partner in times when you needed him/her the most and I'm still learning too.  I always talk to myself when i was alone and write all of my mumbo jumbo in my own diary, but since this blog is my one and only diary right now, i will share not only my love for shoes and fashion but also other things that you ask! feel free to ask me anything on formspring ! I will share my recipe to last here in my first new section "Mad Thoughts of The Day"!