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If you're interested in sponsoring ,advertised your products, inviting Hippie Gone Mad to your events,or talent booking please contact me via email  at
Thank you so much for your kindness and support, last but not least; 
i currently live in
Milan(Italia), so you may need to consider the advantage, shipping cost,etc. grazie

Some options of advertisement:
1.Product review or giveaway:
fashion related pieces (clothes, shoes, accessories,etc) that i will choose from your shop and wear+review it on my outfitpost. (click HERE to see the sample)
;discount code or vouchers: i will review and recommend your shop to all of my readers with a special discount code or vouchers(with this kind of promo you could give me your products so i could post it on my blog as a part of the promotion or we could discuss the rate through email)
 Other lovely things that are not related to fashion: I will choose and promote it through my blog. It could be 1 special post or a part of my outfit post(as you wish).
*i could also promote your shop via twitter( by tweet pic or tweet your shop links)
2.Sidebar advertisement 
you could put your shop's logo or advertise your shop on my sidebar (rates will be discussed later)

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