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I Need More Shoes

Finally updated!Yes yes yes my mom keep telling me that i  only have a pair of feet, 1 or 2 pair of shoes are enough but NO, never say shoo to a new pair of shoes people...
I signed up for a competition weeks ago,YES it's all about a pair of shoes.This is my first fashion video ever btw, i compressed the size of the video so....Sorry for the super low quality of the video, will it be slower for you to load if i upload the actual size of the video??? please do answer this Q so i could upload the pweety one. haha
Thanks to my classmate ayu who made this video for me.. I didn't win the competition but i have nothing to lose. Sometimes it's not about the presents and freebies. It's about challenging your creativity, doing what you love and of course having one more reason to shop.. yeayness.btw the day after tomorrow is Christmas day!!! 2012 is near! Have you made your new year's resolution? My first resolution will be "wiser than ever" then "paris with mr.B" haha. 
Speaking of new year's resolution, Thank God i checked 27 of mine! and 2 of my all time bucket list was "new year in Paris" and "give something to the luckiest person ever" . Checked the second one and will checked the first one too!!! what about you?

i wore: versace x H&M-necklace and dress, vintage-bag,vintage gucci-watch, H&M earring


Chanel Paris-Bombay Metiers d'art prefall 2011/12

I think this is the most beautiful runway setting ever, it's Karl Lagerfeld at his best. OMG the pre-fall collection should be classified as the haute couture collection, with all of the precious jewels, high surface treatments, super delicate fabrics, fine cuts, beads, embellishments, gold plated prints , accessories, sartorial and draping techniques; those master pieces are way too precious for RTW or demi couture. Love love love everything, the merge of two different cultures worked well, all the pretty models with their flat boots and sandals catch my attention. Karl loves to try new things without eliminating the main identity of Chanel. sorry coco, but Karl is the man!

btw there's a new widget on the left side of my blog, thank you so much for all of the lovely emails that you've sent to me , and yes you can ask me(almost) anything! 


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Congrats to my giveaway winner ARIO ACHDA. I drawn all of comments  through Random .org true number generator. I drawn the numbers a few times because some of your sweet comments came out as the winner such as romwe, lalita, sesilia, tiffany, chen(those babies are aldo shoes btw), etc. BUT i cannot count em as the entries because they didn't dedicate that comment as my giveaway entries.
Take a good care of my  versace baby ario!and thank you so much for those who participate and don't worry i'll have another giveaway next year! Here is a hint for my next giveaway...*drool


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Thank you so much  I didn't bring any camera to the versacexH&M opening sale because my friends and i waited for 6 hours in front of the store to grab some of those babies inside. Yes from 1 o'clock in the morning til 7 o'clock.BTW it's over guys, I'll draw all of the entries via NOW.

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