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My Last Spot a Vendre

my first attempt of red velvet cupcakes!_soldout yeay
my booth

Thank you so much for those who come and purchased some vintage treasures and cupcakes on my booth. I had so much fun! yeay!!! see you next year spot a vendre!


Taste of Home

I was invited to Starbucks "Via" launching at Upper room Jakarta a few days ago
, thanks to natasha (yes she's the prettiest food blogger in town). I'm a fan of Starbucks since (maybe) 5 years ago, I'm in love with their caramel macchiato then frappucino then green tea and so on. Only God knows how many times I have embarrassed myself by ordering a grande cup of ice blend in another coffee outlet -.-. I was pretty devastated when my friend told me that there are no starbucks outlet in Milan!!(yes,two exclamation marks are not enough to express my feelings right now and i wish i could copy&paste my bbm's emoticon here on my blog). Long story short, i prayed. Yes as cliche as that, and He answered my prayer two days later. Ha!

The infamous Starbucks "via" is here people! Via is an Italian word for road or way, it's the first line of Starbucks instant ready brew coffee here in Indonesia. The first two types of via were Colombia and Italian roast. I love the Columbia one because the Italian roast was too strong for me. You can buy em in a small package of 3 or a large package of 12.
The most exciting part of the day was not only the ready brew coffee but also the little ready to go cakes and cookies. There were toffee cake, mile, bond, and hollander cake. The toffee cake was my favorite btw! It was the perfect match for my Colombia via, too bad i can't bring em to Milan with me.

i wore: vintage-top,vintage bag-Germany,gifted legging-hongkong,kloom-platforms
At last! I need nothing but a mug and 180 ml of hot water to drink a great cup of coffee anywhere and anytime in Italy. It was a taste of perfection, it was a taste of home.


You Colour My Life

i wear: unbranded-top, yellow pencil skirt-hanakeshop,shoes-kloom

 I took the title of my blog from one of my favorite song ever, you colour my life by westlife. I KNOW, i know but i love em since i was a kid and they were so handsome 10 years ago. *shameless confession*. Speaking of years..I will go to Italy in 10 days, i need something sweet and bright to cheer me up. Some people can make their dreams come true in years, i make em come true in days... I cried a lot lately, i need a few more months to say goodbye. Yeah I'm a lil bit emotional right now. The secret to success is not about how lucky you are, it's about how many sacrifices you're willing to make. I don't know why but clothes always find its way to make me happy. I wear a lot of pink, red and today i wear everything but black.
Thank you so much for the super comfy and amazing skirt from hanake shop, i can wear it with a simple white tee and still look super chic without any effort at all. Grab em fast ladies! click here for more info and colors. Hanake shop also sell many accessories such as rings and necklaces. >.< *faint
 First appearance of my baby.. chiko! He wanted to steal the spotlight so why not? lol. He even managed to look good (and super handsome) when i was not ready to be photographed... -.- . He's my first bday present from mr.B and soon became my only child and he's SINGLE, anyone?
i'll miss em the most
Last but not least, Mr.B... he will punch me(not literally) when he find out that i include a picture of him in my blog post. haha. He's my best photographer ever, my bestfriend, and lover. I can write more than 10 pages of essay about him but the most important thing from that picture above is that he always wear black colored clothes since i knew him almost 2 and a half years ago but look at him NOW... look at his chino pants! *biggest achievement ever*.
I'll miss all of my blogger friends too! No need to mention their names, but i'll let y'all know that you've colored my life. *baci e abbracci*


Spot me at spot a vendre

 At last!This will be my last yardsale this year dolls!please come to Wisma EMHA for one last meet up and don't forget to bring some cash coz you'll find a lot of "one of a kind" treasures only at the spot a vendre!  See you there pretty people!