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Pretty in Pink

image courtesy of Ivan Victor Lucas

Another girly outfit! I went to church with this lovely outfit 2 weeks ago(minus the heels) because i injured my left knee(as y'all may know if you followed my twitter) . I'm not a fan of pink but these babies are too cute to be true and  it's fun to be a lil bit girly sometimes. no? They are kloom's premium collection btw. i'm a lil bit insecure  with my hair for the last few weeks so i keep changing my hair style from side parted, center parted, curly, straight, wavy, etc. Do you have any suggestion? should i cut my hair short?

last but not least Happy Idul Fitri for all of my muslim friends and readers! 

 i wore:unbranded-top, forever21-skirt, kloom-platform, fareast-belt&bag,gifted African- bracelet


K for Kloom


my favorite shoes and it's coming soon!

me & nadya(kloom's owner)
 image courtesy of ivanvictorlucas

I spend my independence day holiday by walking on the runway for kloom last Wednesday at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town.The event was held by adler project in order to celebrate our beloved country's Independence day.  The backstage was like a little heaven to me, too many uber cool and cute shoes there! I wish i could bring em all home that night. I love the chiffon dress that i wore too! The clothes were all May&June's.

Kloom is a local brand that produce ah-mazing clogs and sculpted heels, their premium collection are absolutely breath taking!I always love how kloom sculpted each of every heels and wedges that they produced. For your information you could grab em all if you want at their newly launched offline store at the Under Ground(UG) level of Gandaria City, and Plaza Indonesia(coming soon). Check out their online store here .The most exciting thing that happened that day was that Nadya suddenly gave me a chance to bring two yesss two pairs of kloom's shoes home. Thank you so much kloom for the opportunity. I hope i can extend my kloom clogs collection soon!! 


Bear in Mind

vintage nude-shirt, riotous-skirt, forever21-shoes, rattle&bites-clutch
Have you ever felt the longing for something but deep inside you knew it can't be fulfilled? I honestly hate my bone structure, my clumsiness,  my fat belly and arms, my skin tone, etc . yesss.. we're all humans after all... To be good enough is not enough this day, we live in a society that demands for perfection. Everybody wants to be fragile, petite and flawless. Somebody just told me to lose some weight, i know i know that i have big bones and unfortunately i love foods as much as i hate them, the thing is, just like a quote from Austin Powers movie said " I can't stop eating. I eat because I'm unhappy, and I'm unhappy because I eat. It's a vicious cycle. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's someone I'd like to get in touch with and forgive... myself."

2 days ago i was a little bit shocked when i know that all of the(long haired) models will strut the runway with their clean and curly pony tails. I never pulled my hair back just because i wanted to hide my round and chubby face, it's ironic that deep inside i have a very low self esteem but thank God with every support from my family, friends and most of all my boyfriend i sometimes think that my life is worth living for and i don't need to be  petite to be beautiful, vice versa for all the petite dolls in the world!!!  Maybe 1 month from now i will be the petite one among all the gigantic Caucasians.

image courtesy of ivan victor lucas, MUA- ka ridha audrey

 For every sarcastic and insensitive ladies please never call someone Fat just because you knew that you're thinner and that F words are the most painful word to hear, yes they will took it personally and yesss bear in mind that maybe someday they will be as thin as you but you will still have the worst personality ever.I've learned my lesson and for the past 6 years I'm so against bullying, I'm very PROUD to say that i never and will never be the very mean and obnoxious "anon" who spit hundreds of mean words to someone that they don't even know. If you hate me please kindly give me your phone number and email or at least lemme see your name. Screw all the lowlifes anon.
Last but not least, Mr.B took those lovely photos two days ago after i became one of the models in an event(i will post it later). I wore 3 of my favorite pieces that day, my mom's vintage shirt, riotous bodycon skirt and my rattle&bites clutch! Happy belated independence day INDONESIA! ciao bella!


Judittie 2nd collection

image courtesy of dedittie and lunico photography

Forgive my laziness and other lame excuses, yeah i know I'm such a bad blogger but i had a very busy life lately. Time flies too fast huh?i retweeted a quote from a friend of mine weeks ago about how time flies too fast and yet so many things to do. btw I have a super exciting news for you all! Judittie's second collection has been launched!! as y'all may know i posted judittie's first 2011 collection a few months ago and here is the link if you're curious about their first collection.
The second collection is more colorful and fun but still... judittie always know how to make us look pretty and sexy without trying too hard. I'm so honored to become one of the models and the funnest part is that i could wear a blonde Afro wig!! I'm in love with their second collection. All of the clothes were super comfy, chic and one of a kind! Thank God my boyfriend was there if he was not around i would probably booked all of the judittie's clothes. >.<...
Check out more items and pictures on their official website here . Happy shopping ladies grab em fast!!


Grazia day with Revlon

my favorite model in revlon launching party!

me & gricia

me and my future roomate!

me & my mom

revlon revlon revlon
 image cortesy of cindy karmoko
Went to "Grazia Day with Revlon 2 days ago at Sogo Plaza Senayan with my mom and my future roomate! btw thanks to gricia from grazia mags for the invitation!! Yup as you can see she's the gorgeous one in the third pic from above. Revlon launched their new make up counter inside Sogo department store that day. My mom was so excited to see the makeup class and when i won the best dress nominee she was like "wooot, i thought you were a lil bit nuts when i saw you pick  daddy's blazer from the closet yesterday" -.-"... i also got 2 shopping vouchers but my mom used one of em and i gave the last one to my friend,Ayu. I convinced her to buy a red lipstick, eyeliner, foundation,etc... Revlon should hire me as their marketing manager lol . I had a great time and last but not least thankyou grazia magazine and Revlon for the useful tips and of course the makeup essentials. btw it's August already! I’d like to wish happy fasting to all my Muslim friends/readers and those who participate to show some respect or for health reasons! ciao

i wore:vintage 1993-blazer,forever 21-heels, topshop-shorts, vintage-satin tank, fareast-belt,rattle&bites-oversized clutch