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M is for Meet Up

clara devi from sunflaresplethora

ario achda from mybrainmalfunction

i wore unbranded white top,forever21-latex legging, jeffrey campbell-wedges,rattle&bites-clutch
 image courtesy of Clara Devi and me!

Ario and i went to Marche right after the tik shirt's event to meet the most lovely, cheerful and super friendly lady. Yess she's clara devi! I had so much fun with you guys but sadly i had to go to church and left em early.


Smile...Don't cry

i wore vintage silk-top,beige shorts, gifted-necklace,jeffrey campbell-wedges,rattle&bites-oversized clutch
image courtesy of diana caitilin, and me
this is the girly side  of me, i wore this outfit weeks ago when i met my favorite ladies in the blogsphere. No red lipstick, no black and no boots + i (finally) smile.Got the silk top from my mom(yeah it's vintage) and my grandma bought me that necklace from bali! Some people said i never smile in every pictures of my blog, and so i smile... some people look very pretty when they smile but i am not one of those people. I've tried several times to smile but... only God knows how many pictures I've deleted just because i looked like an idiot when i smile.T__T.

 Last but not least,  i got this devastating news yesterday, one of my favorite singer of all time Amy Winehouse, died . The reason of her death remain unexplained, my heart goes out to her loved ones and the people everywhere in the world that are dealing with the same tragedies and addictions. I saw her last performance on youtube, she was booed during her concert in Belgrade and she cried for 10 seconds while she sang back to black...stop hating someone just because you have the rights to. May you rest in peace Amy,smile.... don't cry...


Tik Shirt 1st anniversary

I went to Tik Shirt store at level 1 Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall last Sunday to accompany a friend of mine (a.k.a blogger extraordinaire) ario achda . It was Tik shirt's 1st anniversary event and guess what! I once again made my own batik and this time i chose the blue one >.<. I was so excited!! btw i met The evita nuh and her sweet sister (Rani)there. I also met rahnee putri for the first time and she was so lovely and funny. 
Another thing to share, i removed 2 of my wisdom tooth yesterday and it hurts so bad, my gums were swollen and my cheek is getting bigger and bigger , it was(ironically) a wise decision to remove my wisdom tooth though and last but not least i passed my Italian a1 final exam and my toefl exam too!!! Thank God and THANK YOU y'all for your love, prayers and support.  xoxo

i wore: unbranded white shirt, forever21-latex legging, jeffrey campbell- std wedges, rattle&bites-clutch


Shoeporn pt.6


I don't know why but i feel so happy everytime i go to or pass by a shoe store. It's like a candy store for my inner child. Shoes has been my bestfriend for more than 10 years, those babies encourage me to feel beautiful, confident and sometimes(okay most of the time) sexy. I'm a shoe maniac( not sea of shoes kind of maniac but i WILL someday) and maybe next year i will make my dream come true. ciao bella!


Family Thing

i wore: mom's vintage snake skin blazer, zara-tank,forever 21-shoes

mom and grandma

celebrated my super fabulous grandma's birthday @ hang gang. She's 69 years young and she's the coolest grandma I've ever had. My grandma will celebrate her 69 birthday once more today and my mom just couldn't say no to her. ciao!


My Comfort Zone

gifted top-judittie,skirt-forever21, gifted shoes- UP

image courtesy of cindykarmoko and ivan victor lucas

Judith(the owner of Judittie) gave me this super chic and comfy cutout sweater and i decided to brought my casual look to another level with it. For those who think that you can never look chic and feel comfortable at the same time, think twice! Of course you must sacrifice your comfort for something BETTER every now and then but if you could look good and still feel comfortable at the same time why not? I love to wear a pair of sky-scrapper stilettos  but sometimes my wedges and clogs are the better choice for me to rock my outfit without any pain at all.
btw i post a picture of my gifted shoes weeks ago and finally i got the chance to wear my UP shoes in my this post. Those babies are so comfy and its adjustable dolls! Its not my typical  heels but some people told me that i should buy that kind of shoes more, my friends said that i look more normal in it, more...human. For those who have already met me, what do you think?


Embracing Indonesian Culture

my first batik!

mom's first selfmade batik

I went to Laksita Mardhawa 2 days ago with my mom. There was a special event called "Keluarga Membatik" there.  My mom and i learned how to make a piece of handmade batik. For those who never heard about "batik" before, here's the info from my march 2011 blogpost.
Laksita Mardhawa is a school for national or international citizens(of all ages,) who wants to learn javanese traditional dance and music. I learned how to play "gamelan" ( Gamelan is a musical ensemble from indonesia) too! It was a fun and unforgettable experience for me. I never love batik that much until i saw the process of making it and did it by myself, it was not as easy as i thought! The instructor said that a flawless handmade batik  took 3-4 months to finished and what i did 2 days ago was just a (very) small part of it. The founder of Laksita Mardhawa said "Your generation never embrace your own traditional culture while many people from the other side of the world willing to pay a huge amount of money to master it and claim it as theirs". Those words were a slap in my face. That's why i decided to post this on my blog. Its July already people! Time flies too fast...


Shoeporn pt.5

It's been ages since i post my last shoeporn.. Every woman in this world should at least have 1 pair of 5"++ heels. It'll change your life!! For beginners i recommend you to buy a pair of kitten heels or maybe wedges. You need a little courage to walk slowly in heels but it takes some skill to walk faster or maybe run in your 5" stilettos .One of my friends tweeted this 2 months ago "never judge me unless you walk in my 5" stilettos all day long" and i couldn't agree more. Btw its july already wish me luck for my upcoming toefl and italian language final exam *crossingfingers