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thursday fever

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mr.B gave these rings!!

its 3 a.m in the morning here in Indonesia, but my brainy brain can't stop thinking about my blog!
here's my last post before i go to! am so excited! will definitely upload a lot of pics ASAP!
 ciao bella


Gogirl! 6th anniv edition

featured in gogirl 6th anniversary edition(feb' 2011),i know its kinda late but thank you Gogirl!  
btw i love the tumbler so much!


perfect love song

i love this song so much and i want to share it with you all.... kina is my favotite youtube star.....


And I know ya want the same love,
That I've fought so long,
The one we thought was wrong,
And you know I, oh I, need your love
'Cause we can't fool ourselves,
into someone else's heart

happy valentine's day once again people...

lovely february

homemade choco ice cream by me

mr.B trying to be serious

the appetizer sampler

the famous union loaf

HAPPY valentine's day!!! i went to tony roma's @ px just now! had a valentine date with mr.B... those are some food porn for y'all #drooling.. spread the love people!  ciao bella


lovely hair...

pink,turquoise,lilac and blue.... 
should i dye my hair??


i crave you , you, and you

ysl ring


photos courtesy of and
 i crave you, its true i crave you....


riotous LOVE

sonia and me

riotous blazer, top , and shorts

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riotous jacket, forever21 top, riotous polka shorts, snick std wedges by jeffrey campbell

photographer: roy leonard , photos courtesy of riotous by SEM
Riotous Barbie's February collection! awww i was participating in emmm emmm buying almost everything that they sell??! haha... the collection was suppa ahmazing, comfy , and affordable ...

btw sonia gave me a quick makeover an hour before this photoshoot began... i love the red lipstick so much i bought the same one 2 days after the photoshoot... its cherry red by body-shop...

go to riotous barbie shop to grab some of those cute and sassy stuff above!


blogger's yard sale day 2

me and diana

how to be a pirate!

mr.B and me

heidi,me and sonia

my new bracelet!!
the 4th blogger's yardsale part 2! all the good stuff were there! 14 bloggers, larger space + 2 days of fashion galore! i can never get enough! the hectic crowd, chic and pretty people everywhere. hipsters, hippies, vintage goddess you name it! i bought 2 pweetty bracelets from diana's booth ,lovely!