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jeffrey campbell!

i lost control when i saw these babies on i post it awhile ago as my shoeporn then stalk every website who sell these babies...and finally when i saw the FREE SHIPPING promo from solesruck, i unconsciously asked my singaporean friend to bought it for me first.
jeffrey campbell is a genius. these shoes are sooo comfortable! i can walk all day long with these babies, + got so many compliments from everyone who saw these shoes! i'm 175cm tall and these baby makes me looked 15cm taller... its nice to be 190cm for a day(evil laugh)... i saw many fake lita boots and snicked std wedges everywhere, i've tried em too, but its just not the same, it hurts so bad you could die! so please love your feet and spend more, it's your lifetime investment!
one of my friend said "a good pair of shoe will take you to many good places"...

my dream shoes!

finally! my babies has arrived!
thanks to: for these amazing shoes, HADI my singaporean friend who help me bought these thingy (online from solestruck), and my boyfriend!(the idea to bought these babies from singapore was his)...

the reason why i asked my friend to bought it first, is because it'll become more expensive if i bought it online and shipped it to indonesia, eventhough the shipping is FREE (if you bought more than $199) but indonesian government will charge extra taxes for every pair of shoe. T_T....
my friend shipped it to makassar and she must paid $65 for the taxes!

i'll show you what's inside these box on my next post!


singapore galore

FINALLY! i just got back from singapore and i abandoned my blog for awhile. since there's no follower coz i'm too shy to publish my blog... -.- but lately after a long chat with sonia eryka (one of the greatest blogger in this country + a new friend of mine) i decided to published my blog from now on..
i went to singapore for 3 days... yesss its a very short holiday but i went to singapore 2 months ago, so i guess 3 days its enough for me and my boyfriend.. take a look at the last pic! yessss its my chubby boyfriend *wink wink* . btw i was surprised coz orchard street has already been decorated for Singapore xmas event! a Singaporean friend told me sometimes they decorate it up to 2 months before the xmas... i will post some foodporns from singapore later