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The Lady and Her White Horse

Have you ever imagine living in a fairy tale book? I do... I imagine all the colorful things, singing unicorns and a bunch of talking flowers. But i don't know why  In my current fairy tale i become the ice queen of the north. Living alone with my dear white horse. She's ignorant and he's always sleepy. They're perfect for each other, two souls longing for their king. She's fierce, expressive but sometimes the other kingdoms call her the mad queen. She could be the storm but inside she's as delicate as the winter snow. She's defensive but kind cause she knows how it feels to be hurt. Her horse on the other hand is wild, revengeful, singing all the sad songs all day, crying and judging all of the doves that are in love in the castle's garden. He told her to hunt and kill the king. Let the world see his head hanging by the tree, he even persuade her to froze the time and stay still in her misery. 
One day she woke up and decided to let the horse go, her heart breaks for the second time that season but it makes her stronger. He plead her to spare his life and let him watch her in silence. He has no where to go, no master to follow and she's the only person he could trust. After all the good time sake she chooses to be kind, she froze him with her once in a lifetime magic spell and he could learn to change his ways and come out as a brand new horse while she's learning to let go of the sadness and gain her power once more. She decided to wait, cause she doesn't want her fairy tale to end. Happily or tragically there will be no good in ends and goodbyes. All we need to do is keep believing and hoping for a better sunrise and a warmer sunsets day after day. 

Photographed by Farah Ang
MUA Cindy Giovanny
Coat by ;


Swimwear Special

Okay, first things first... I got an eye infection a week ago and i really felt like "destiny" the whale shark from finding dory that day. Everything is just too blurry but somehow i could feel a little bit grateful not because i could have the excuse to abuse my uber apps but because it felt as if i lived in a painting for the first two days. Speaking about firsts this post is my first swimsuit post, yeay! Embracing my single and happy life to the fullest. I used to feel super insecure about my body, but i realized as long as i'm happy and healthy why should i care?
I'm never the skinniest, or the prettiest and i'm not one of those charming girls who could attract other people by their aura or personas. I'm just the tallest and the most awkward creature in the room, sometimes i wanna know how does it feel to be charming as hell. How could people love you at the first sight, what's the secret really? Some said practice makes perfect, some prefer to fake it til you make it. But is it just the smile? A beautiful face or maybe they're born that way?
It's midnight here in Jakarta, oh yessss, have i told you that i'm moving to Jakarta for good? I'm  so so sorry if i haven't write anything about my personal life in my posts. 2016 is definitely the year of change and change is good right? How are you bloggers? How's your 2016 so far?
Mine will be better than ever for sure! I even pick a shocking pink swimsuit come on! I rarely use colors other than black, white, grey and beige but hey, never say never right? My color palette changes according to my hair color most of the time. What do you think of pink? Will you wear this swimsuit? It's only $16 and it'll make you look leaner and sexier for sure.... So what are you waiting for? BUY IT HERE.... an tag me if you're wearing the same suit like mine!

Photographed by Sonia Eryka
Swimsuit by Shein 


Garden of Hearts + Instagram Giveaway #CK25KGIVEAWAY

One day I'll look at you from afar
and I'll be happy for you 
There will be no burden
No tears, no heartache
Cause between the trees and roses
The sunshine and the moon
The summer breeze and melodies
In the garden of hearts 
There I'll set you free
My heart will finally just for me
One day I'll look at you from afar.... 

Finally a proper blogpost! Thank you so much for all of you who still read my pouring heart session for days months and years. We've been through a lot huh? But today, this will not be a sad post. This will be a happy one! I'm grateful to be here, to be your long lost virtual sister. To help you go through your doubts, fears and to share my thoughts about dreams and memories. 
I bought the same bag and earring just for you! I felt that you always give me all the loves and support and i can't believe there are 25K people who think that my instagram is cool enough and inspiring enough to be followed. Thank you thank you thank you..... Follow my instagram and win the mini giveaway HERE!! xoxo

Giveaway: 1 birdy bag and a pair of marble earrings that i bought in Milan... 



One Brand Makeup Tutorial x MakeOver ID

For those who always complain cause the brand that i use are all European high end brands... Here it is my answer to your requests! One Brand Makeup Tutorial with MakeOver Indonesia. I really really really love their eye palettes and I've been using it religiously for these past few months since i went back to Jakarta and got a chance to choose all of the products that i love: btw Here are the products that i use:

- Hydration Serum
- Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation no.01 in ochre
- Silky Smooth Translucent Powder no. 01 in porcelain 
- Trivia Eyeshadow: Love At First Sight, Emperor Brown, Enchanting Nude Spell
- Liquid Eyeliner
- Ultimate Lash Mascara
- Camouflage Cream Face Concealer
- Professional Highlight and Contour Palette 
- Shimmering Powder in Christalis 
- Blush On no.9 Summer twist 
- Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick no.16 Silhouette, no.12 Envy

I'm still contemplating if i need to do a mega Makeover giveaway or not? What do you think? Btw if you can't buy all of them(what a shame) i highly recommend you to but the trivia eye shadow in love at first sight, the shimmering powder, blush on and the ultra Hi Matte lipstick for sure!! I hope the responds to the video will be as sweet as it could be and i hope you'll have a romantic night ladies.... 

This post is sponsored by MakeOver Indonesia


Happy Ending(s) with IX Timeless Care Vitalizing Serum

A trip, a good song, the taste of high quality milk chocolate praline... All good things must come to an end, but we could decide for ourselves whether we want it to be a happy ending and vice versa. There's always a familiar heartache when it comes to an end, esp when wonderful things happened and it's like dejavu , in a blink of an eye everything's changing, but sometimes i just can't wait to see the beautiful ending, the silver lining and of course when it comes to my mermaid hair, it needs to be as happy from the beginning to the end.
For those who watched my VLOG and keep asking which product and how to maintain my crazy hair esp when i travel. Here it is, IX Timeless Care Vitalizing Serum . 
I gather your questions and answer them down below...
Why do i love this serum so much?
I use it for two months already and my hair color stays, my hair is super soft, shiny and stronger than ever!
When i use the serum?
Everyday before i brush/style my hair, after i wash my hair when my hair is wet, when my hair is half dry, and after i dry my hair. wait a sec... I even use this liquid gold in my hair spa routine, i mix the serum with my hair spa once a week.
How many pumps/use?
For my midi hair 2 pumps only , 1 for the right and 1 for the left side.
Will my scalp be greasy if i use the serum often?
Use it responsibly, don't smear your hair roots with the serum, focus on the ends and swipe the excess oil towards the mid section of your hair. Just use the serum once a day. A little pump goes a long way.
Is the packaging travel friendly?
They have a pretty secure lock system but i recommend you to put the serum on a small plastic bag cause there might be a little leaky leaky action but you can bring the serum in your cabin bag and you're good to go.
Where can i buy the serum? 
At Innovative Xalon studio Jl Melawai X no. M9 (nearby blok M square)
AND the price?
IDR42500 only!
Is this your honest review?
Of course!! I will never risk my hair for money and i already use 1/4 of the bottle + you can watch my vlog and see it by yourselves. Sharing is caring! Hope i answer all of the important questions. 

 Photographed by Agung Kurniawan


Mirrors of Prada

As dreamy as it can be, i have no pictures left to convince you how amazing Fondazione Prada in Milan was, cause i deleted all photos and videos by accident. My clumsiness is boundless i know. But here are some of my long lost treasure from my quick visit to Fondazione Prada. The experience was unforgettable and when i saw this mirror i knew i need to say hi to an old friend of mine, my own reflection, my alter ego,  me from the other side whom i often wish could change places with me. My reflection always shows a confident young woman with no bullsh*t attitude. Powerful, long legs covered in all black err thang outfit. But in reality i'm super awkward and tend to do super duper clumsy things. My reflection shows through the lens but at least both of us are the hopelessly romantic woman who knows what they want.
So with Jumpsuit from Sho Style and a pair of Bottega Venetta velvet heels, dear mirror of Prada, who's the fairest of them all??

Photographed by Claradevi Handriatmadja
Heels: Bottega Veneta,
Bag: Chloe


Good Things Take Time

Whether it's a piece of macarons, an A+ scored exam , a long lasting relationship or a couture dresses; good things take time indeed. It took me months to finish this dress, i sincerely and truly apologize to Romi my friend and the owner of designer's wonderland Romitex.  I have a lot of reasons but i like to keep all the bad things in my life for myself and let's just only talk about the good things.
Sometimes you just need to put yourself together and deal with the real life chaos. I spend a lot of time waiting, compromising and last but not least fighting for what i want. My expectations towards life are sometimes too high to be reach and to positive to be true. I confessed that my ambition is boundless but sometimes i have too much things to chew and end up choking myself up.
The beauty of life as a human being is that we could bend and not break, killed and survive , hurt but we could also heal or broke down as we wish. Just like the old sayings, "the same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg". It's about what you're made of not the circumstances.
As the middle child i fight for the love i thought i deserve, in my mind if i work hard and wait long enough, good things will come eventually. But believe me you , my world is completely different in this very seconds than the same time a year ago. I can't thank my close friends and new found best friends enough for all the hugs, supports and most of all thank you for the truth.
Truth to be told eventhough i projected positive vibes, chillness and can't stop asking you to be kind to each other. My life is less than perfect( i know i know be grateful please cindy), i turned 24 this year and oh Lord Jesus i thought 24 years of life is enough.
But i realized that good things do take time, it also take time to be a good person. To be a whole human being, to be the best version of you. We're like wine, the more we aged the better, the only difference is for me age is just a virtue. The longer you live the more you learn about all sorts of things and i choose to be kind, always. Cause it takes a lot of effort to hate somebody and it's easier to be in the brighter side of life. If you have the biggest problem in your life right now, just wait and choose to be better not bitter. Good things take time good people...

Photographed by Donald Aditya
MUA: Anselia Sebastian
Dress designed by Cindy Karmoko fabric by Romitex
special thanks to Ayu Ananto and Anselia Sebastian