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Going Bananas

When in Rome, you might as well going bananas. I was fascinated by the street of Rome, you could definitely see the historical sites towering across this crazy street's murals. I  couldn't help but taking some fresh pictures and reminiscing of my fun days when i visit NewYork. Ah... Rome is so refreshing and full of unexpected things to see.
Btw i got my new favorite coat from YOYOMELODY ! You should definitely check their site out and shop! I love how warm and affordable this coat is, it's velvety and it gets me through the harsh winter weather for sure. I also paired it up with my usual monochrome outfits and i know you know that i know (is this sentence reminds you of the sitcom FRIENDS? lol) how much i love my oxford tan yeezyboost350. It's so comfy and i saw my fav diva Wendy Williams rock this one too! I got a lot of questions about my Yeezys, should i make another video review about my fav sneakers/ maybe focusing on my yeezys? That's all for now don't forget to see the NEWEST VLOG " MY TRIP TO ROME" only on my youtube channel(click click) 

Photographed by Ayu Ananto
Coat: Yoyomelody
Legging: Zara
Scarf: Muji
Shoes: Yeezyboost350 in oxfordtan
Sunglasses : Prada
Bag: Aesthetic Pleasure


Have Had #wheninmilan

I'm back at square one, as i predicted before. I can't help but getting all nostalgic and gloomy. I just knew that one of my best friend, who i could call as my sister here in Milan will come back for good to our hometown (Jakarta) next month. We have had quite an adventure here in Milan, but the show must go on. The future is waiting and time will fly faster than ever after college life. I got several job opportunities and projects here in Milan but i wish i could finish them as fast as possible and meet you guys in Jakarta! I really miss my hometown, it's been more than one and a half years since i visit Indonesia.
That being said, I'm so happy for all of my milanese friends who came back to Indonesia. They're living their dreams right now. Hustling, creating and doing lots of inspiring cool things, and i hope i could achieve my dreams too. One of my friend became the creative director of the red shoe I'm wearing right now and she's kind enough to send my favorite shoe out of the collection to Milan. I wear my new babies everywhere and the red sateen slip ons will always be the highlight of the day. It's comfy, versatile and it's super elegant yet casual at the same time! You guys should definitely check their store out!
If you know me then you'll know that my lucky charms are my shoes, they took me to interesting places and i got to meet a lot of cool people too I hope you could invest in some high quality pieces and could mix and match them for every outfits possible. In this post  i managed to match my day to night look without compromising my comfort cause comfort is a part of luxury after all....
Last but not least for those who keep asking about my youtube channel, i'll do my best to put all of the outfits from my blog to my monthly lookbook i promise!

no 18. Southbox Lt 1, Jl. Prapanca Raya, Jakarta
click HERE to see their instagram page.  

Photographed by Ayu Ananto
Blazer: Vintage
Top and Pants: Young Hungry Free
Shoes: HaveHad


Haute Street

During winter season it's kinda hard to wear my fav summer shirt but yagirl will wear what she wants to wear! I layered my outfits with coats, skirt and a pair of skinny legging to fight the freezing cold winter weather.
Sometimes you just need a few basic things and make it haute. Try to pile your clothes and mix and match them, you'll never know what kind outfit will turn out esp. if you layer your basics.
It's my greatest tips to combat your laziness during your bad days, but hey! Even the happiest people could have their bad days too, so it's all gonna be alright. Just keep yourselves warm and jump from your comfort zone.
I found this place when i was waiting for my shuttle bus to IKEA, thank goodness i always bring my camera with me so the one hour waiting become a mini blog photoshoot. As y'all already know and see, i wear my yeezy boost 350 a LOT this days. That's because they're so comfy! During my bad days i tend to wear something light and cozy to lighten up my mood and to make everything seems simpler.

Photographed by Ayu Ananto
Coat: COS
TOP: Dignitycloth
Skirt: Frontrowshop
Legging: Zara
Shoes: YeezyBoost 350 in oxford tan


Guess the designer and WIN x Farfetch

Hi fashion people, i just found out that Farfetch (one of my most favorite online retailer) is having a guess the designer challenge and they will giveaway three shopping vouchers worth £500, £300 and £200  so you could shop your fav designer on farfetch! All you have to do is WIN the games in order to win the prize! Let the quickest player win and i hope y'all could get the giveaway voucher *fingerscrossed*
p.s You could play it more than once!


My Vaseline Advanced Strength Experience

Hi semuanya! Pertama kali aku membuat post dengan bahasa Indonesia nih karena banyak sekali yang minta aku buat mengganti postku dengan bahasa Indonesia.

Kali ini aku pengen banget membahas tentang produk andalanku, kalau kalian follow aku di instagram pasti sudah pada tau kalau di Milan sekarang sudah musim dingin dan kulitku jadi lebih gampang kering dibanding musim panas.

Setelah mencoba beberapa produk untuk kesehatan kulitku akhirnya aku kembali memakai Vaseline Advanced Strength karena harganya terjangkau dan sudah bertahun tahun aku dan keluargaku percaya dengan Vaseline.

Dibanding produk produk lainya yang aku sudah review produk Vaseline Advanced Strength ternyata bisa mengatasi kulit kering jauh lebih cepat dari produk Vaseline lainya. Cocok banget buat kalian yang mau berpergian ke luar negri saat liburan dan yang sedang sekolah di luar negri kebayang banget kan gimana kulit jadi kering, gatal dan kadang mengelupas di bagian siku.

Aku anjurin kamu untuk mencoba Vaseline Advanced Strength dan pastiin selalu pakai tiap hari, dibarengi dengan meminum air putih minimal 8 gelas sehari untuk mencegah dehidrasi.

Biasanya aku pakai lotion setelah mandi atau aku pindahin ke tempat yang lebih kecil untuk dibawa berpergian. Biar kalau berasa kering bisa langsung aku pakai.
Coba deh pakai Vaseline dan share ke aku tips lain yang kamu tau ya! Semoga kulit kamu selalu terlindungi.


First Roadtrip Experience to Bruneck, Bolzano & Lake Braies

Have you spent your new year's count down alone? I experienced that before, as much as i love solitude and not having to clean all of the mess in the first day of the year, sharing your last and first seconds of the year with your closed ones will make you realize how bless you are and it's all worth the mess.
I checked a few of my lifetime bucketlist in 2015, but oh don't get me wrong! I don't believe in the new year new me mumbo jumbo, but i do believe in making a bucket list inside my head so that i could checked my own list and hopefully learn some precious lessons along the way. In 2014 i went to US for the second time and spent my new years in Vegas with my family. My video collaboration with Chictopia that we made in SF back then had become their most viewed in their youtube channel until now!
2015 was full of fun memories too, I launched my own  youtube channel, working for various magazines and projects here in Milan, my boyfriend came to visit me here in Milan, I'm a master graduate, met new people and bestfriend + getting closed with my long time bestfriend along the way. So i thought having a little more fun at the end of the year won't hurt at all right...
The truth is, i thought i ask too much and there you go... if you follow me on instagram(if you haven't then follow me NOW) you'll know that my hand was bitten by a cute albino french bulldog. But it made my year end road trip unforgettable for my friends (of course) and myself. *LOL* After all the sing along, driving, handphone charger arguments, listening to my "only two songs" playlist, boardgames, running at the hospital hallway and all the yummy food of Bruneck and Bolzano; we finally arrive at the frozen lake of Braies!
I saw it first in pinterest and instagram, so thank you pinterest! Cause the view was and is breathtaking, I wish i could share all the pic with you guys but here are my best 15 pics of my first roadtrip experience! I can't believe i walk on lake Braies and could share the moment with my friends. It's like we're living inside a postcard or your pinterest! My feet were numb despite my (failed) attempt on having an extra fur padded insole; the magnificent frozen water of lake Braies is the coldest ground i've ever step on. My hand warmer was useless but our breath were taken by the mesmerizing view of the surrounding so in the name of YOLO we could stand and took lot's of pics and video an hour or so.
2015 was an unforgettable year indeed. It was full of laugh tears, hugs, lessons and memories that 2016 should work hard to measure up to now. How's your 2015 and what's next for 2016?

Photographed by Maytridan Yoshua and Donald Aditya
Coat: Cos
Boots: Steve Maden
Bag: Aesthetic Pleasure
Dress & Faux Fur Hoodie: Zara
Vest: Duma Official


How To Style Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock #WheninMilan

As i walk towards them, the girl notice me and instead of running she approaches me casually!

Ah, Cindy… Stop making assumptions before you really know the truth. We walk together and they started to open up about the secret project that they’ve been working on. Oh before you’re going crazy about who they are let me explain a little bit about my friends here in milan.

Ayu is her name, my partner in crime and my best friend since our italian class in Jakarta, to university and beyond. I can’t think about Milan without thinking about her. She’s a great designer, my all time photographer and later you’ll know more about her talents!

Adri is his name, i just knew him a two or three months ago, when he didn’t speak i thought he was this cool kid who always talk about the IT brands in europe. Judging by the way he looks, he’s definitely a devoter to hype beast and definitely a member of highsnobiety. But after he opens his mouth… LOL he’s just crazy class clown!

They’re both unavailable btw, so i was shock when they’re together in the cemetery. Turns out they wanted to do a video and they also asked my other friend Adit to be the on set photographer. Suddenly i was surrounded by hyper creative people and i’m just sitting there, teleporting my mind to the other places.

Milan is full of creative people who love many different aspects of life and fashion, we’re like a salad bowl and if you mix with the right ingredients the result will be bomb diggity.

Sure we have all of our differences, gossips, childish fights and wild parties. It’s college life anyway, but nonetheless we’re a bunch of kids who makes a small city like Milan fun! I’ve found my true homies here in Milan and most of all… I found myself here in Milan, i know what i want and i’m not afraid to step back and enjoy life instead of running alone all the time. As a digital creature i sometimes forget that i need to live my life outside this amazing virtual world. I’m more than blessed to be able to connect with the most amazing people from both sides of this world.

Speaking of people in Milan… Do you wanna know my craziest fight here?

To be Continued…

P.S Please watch my Yeezy Boost 350 LOOKBOOK VIDEO HERE on youtube!

Photographer Donald Aditya
Coat: Borrowed from Ayu
Sweater: Fashionvalet
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Yeezy Boost 350 in moonrock
Necklace: &otherstories