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Long Distance Relationship Q&A

Hi! After all the questions and a long overdue, i decided to share a part of my life as the member of Long Distance Relationship survivor(and still surviving). I made a video in bahasa because the majority of you guys asked me in bahasa but don't worry for those who were amazed by the lack of subtitle in my video, please read the transcipt here in ENGLISH!

1. How to get over with the trust issues to start a long distance relationship?
You should not have a trust issue at all with your love one with or without a long distance relationship, do an advanced research about him before you two decide to have a relationship. Use your logic and if you don't trust him enough then why should you two be together?

2. How to tackle the insecurity of LDR when you know your significant other is so popular and lovable?
TRUST TRUST TRUST, you should be able to trust him that much and stop the fights, no matter how small it is; at the end of the day those fights are now worth the pain.

3. What about birthday? How could i give my significant others a surprise or a gift?
I usually pay the bakery a head of time or with DHL or UPS, just send him the surprise gift darling!

4. How to survive LDR?
Set aside both of your egos and try to see the big picture. What is your mission? Is he/she your true soulmate? Humor is an essential thing in a relationship especially if you want to have a long term one. You need to also have your own space, grow your network, focus on your career. Don't be too clingy, have a life! You need to have your own thing and share it with your love one.
Honesty is also essential... Without it there's no point to even be together anymore.

5.Lesson from LDR that non-LDR couple won't get?
I think time management! With all the time difference and activities you have. Time is the key!
Energy saving is another lesson, you need to be able to manage and focus where and when to put your energy. Last but not least, i learn to be an independent woman. I was a little bit spoiled thanks to my gentleman boyfriend who always drive, cook, edit and decide for me. I started my relationship when i was 17 so... I became a better person basically! I grew up... Sometimes you need to learn to live alone and to deal with a lot of problems alone to be independent.

6. Is it awkward everytime you meet after not be able to see each other for a long time?
Never, you should be happy no? We've been together for years so distance shouldn't be a problem, we're still the same person. You definitely need to connect the missing link in your relationship. Unless you made him/her for the very first time(it's okay to feel awkward but thanks to internet right?)

7.  Should i trust a guy who said he was afraid to start a relationship with me because he doesn't want me to focus on him while i was studying abroad but he'll still love me anyway?
NO NO NO,  LDR is tough so you need a guy who knows what he wants and who's tough enough to have a long distance relationship! If he's afraid now... maybe he'll start a relationship behind your back in the future. So my answer is no.

8. How to manage homesick during long distance relationship?
Explore the city, travel a lot! Focus on your career/education. Learn new things; new language for instance. Last but not least, use your skype and maintain your communication with your significant other.

9. How to handle fights during LDR?
My boyfriend and i never have a fight for more than 24 hours. We try to solve the problems as fast as possible and move on! We have too much things to do than arguing on the small things. Learn to support each other instead of bringing each other down. It's hard enough to not be able to see each, make your LDR a great experience not a reason to break up.

10.If you could turn back time, will you still do a long distance relationship?
Yes, i will. LDR is fun in a way... Okay okay judging minds, let me explain it before you start OMGing. I grew up and become an independent woman because of this LDR thingy. I learned things that i won't be able to learn in my home country. I have a lot of great experiences here in Milan and i can't wait to share it with you guys! I am who i am because of the experiences i've been through. I could also test my love on and our relationship is getting stronger and stronger because of the distance.

That's all guys, hope you learn something from this post! Feel free to comment down below and please subscribe to my youtube channel will ya!

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What To Wear On Graduation Day?

When you thought you already get through the hardest part of your life, your graduation day will make you realize you're just getting started and the fight is not over yet. I have my master degree under my belt now! Yeay, i'm officially a master of Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising. I thought it'll be easier for me to pick the perfect clothes for my graduation day, but nope! I still have the question of what to wear on my graduation day on my head over and over again.
As one of the international students here in Milan, i always want to represent my country in a way, here in Milan the graduation day was pretty casual, no fancy party during the day or parade of ball gowns. They keep it minimal and sweet especially during the hot summer day. I always incorporate batik to my graduation attire, you can see it clearly during my graduation last year from marangoni here .
This time i decided to wear my black jumpsuit and wrap around my batik as if it was an obi or belt. I also wear my favorite wedges from my boyfriend because nobody could stand hours of standing in heels during the heat of summer.
My parents weren't there but i know if they could they would've come. I feel blessed to have a sweet and supporting boyfriend who came all the way from Indonesia to help me with my thesis and see me graduated for the second time. He was there during my high school graduation ceremony too! I wanted to thank God also for my bestfriends here in Milan, i can't survive Milan without them and for my readers, keep fighting! Thank you for reading all of my stories and life journey. Keep dreaming, believing and i'm sure we could achieve great things together!

Photographed by Ivan Victor Lucas 
Jumpsuit: Zara
Shoes: Celine


Chateau de Versailles

Checked my bucket list wandering around Versailles for hours with my love one. It's like i'm living my dream, we created our memories together, looking at those king and princess bedrooms, i couldn't believe it was real! How can someone live in a place like this? Full of crystal,gold, arts and basically the best things in life.

This will be a mashed up of outfit, couple and travel post all together, i want you all to travel with me or as if you're there too with me and my boyfriend!

So here we go, the step by step guide to go to Versailles from Orly airport:
1. Took the shuttle bus from orly airport to 'Pont de Rungis (2 or 3 stops)
2. Buy a rer ticket to Anthony 
3.  From Anthony you need to find RER C to stop of Massy Palaiseau
4. Change the train to Versailles Ch√Ęteau/Rive Gauche 
5. You need to walk for 10 minutes from the station to Palace of Versailles.

Hope you could enjoy Versailles with your love ones someday and do share with me if you do!

Photographed by Ivan Victor Lucas and myself
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Adidas superstar slip on
Hats: &Otherstories
Top: Bershka
Denim: Asos
Shoes: Adidas Yeezy Boost 350



So this will be the second part of #Cindyslovelife! We went to Louvre during our trip to Paris! For those who never go to this amazing place and happen to plan your trip to Paris, i recommend you  to take the hop on hop off bus because it'll save your time like a LOT. We took the foxcity tour bus and it cost us about 20 euro/person. The bus stop was near the ice cream shop in front of the Eiffel tower where you can see the famous carousel. If you took the same tour bus like us, Louvre will be on the stop number 7 i believe.
When you go to Louvre don't forget to go inside the museum(you need to buy a ticket) or if you love to shop just go to the underground mall under and you can see the up side down pyramid too!
Since we don't buy a simcard, for y'all wifi hunter, you can go to apple store or the shopping center to get FREE wifi!
Inside the shopping center you'll find all kinds of brands from Balenciaga, Givenchy, Saint Laurent to Furla, Rimowa and Longchamp! My boyfriend and i also went to the food area and get ourselves a big cup of Ben & Jerry's because it was super hot that day. You can tell that i'm a little bit tan right now don't you?
For the outfit, since we're in Paris i wanted to wear this jumpsuit and pair it with big floppy hat + bijoux necklace to add the chicness. My boyfriend wore his new favorite sneakers which is the Yeezyboost sneakers by Adidas and his usual black outfit. So, i hope i help you a little bit dear boys and girls who want to look chic together.... in Paris. See you on my next post!

Photographed by Ivan Victor Lucas and myself
necklace: P.W.N.G
heels: Alberto Guardiani
Top: Yeezy T-shirt
Denim: Asos
Sneakers: Yeezy Boost 350 by Adidas


Cindy's Love Life #1

Return to my comfort zone after all this time to pour my heart out. I rarely put my boyfriend in here because we're 7000 miles apart for this past 4 years. BUT, he finally came all the way from Jakarta to Milan for oe month to help me with my thesis and to be introduced to my new world. He touched my heart with his kindness and i thought i love him so much already but here i am falling in love with this extraordinary guy all over again. I admire his perseverance and he always teach me a lot of things everyday. Sometimes i saw him acting like a child when he saw his favorite stores or food but that's my reaction too so... We're alike and we speak the same language when it comes to fashion and food. So here's the first post of my "Cindy's Love Life series". My adventure with my love one in Europe.
I miss him so much right away but let me tell you that story by the end of the series.
Here, we went to Monte Baldo, a mountain near lake Garda. My favorite place in Italy and i finally could share it with my favorite person. We're like the yin and the yang right? Enjoy the pics and Do tell me how your love story started down below!


Princess and The Frog

Hello hello so sorry for my absence, just finish my thesis and i just need to wait for my graduation day to come! yeay!!! Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers through comments, insta, and snapchat! Super love you guys, btw i just got this amazing necklace by Happiness Boutique . Super love how it instantly make me look somehow presentable eventhough i just wear a t shirt and black leather skirt. Oh but after i feel like a modern day princess with this necklace i also didn't forget to use my frog prince clutch and thanks to my photographer we went to palazzo reale near duomo to take this shoot!

Photographed by Tridan Yoshua
T-shirt: Forever21
Shoes: Stu Milano
Clutch: Love Moschino
Necklace: Happiness Boutique