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New Vision

Oh boy, here we go again. Cindy you gotta get yourself together girl! Hello world, hello internet, hello digital babes! I can't stop saying hello to everything after i saw the movie "Room" in case you haven't seen the movie yet. It was so beautiful, heartbreaking and eye-opening at the same time. Sometimes if you boxed yourself in a small room full of everything that you thought you need and want. You'll have a blunt vision of what your life is all about or who you are as a person. You boxed yourself in your secret dark room full of nothing and someday you'll realize that your life is passing by right in front of your eyes, there will be nothing left but regret. You were to blind to see, you trust the wrong person, you're too afraid to jump to the other side, you're not you anymore.
In reality as much as you want some things to stay the same, my old imaginary friend Corinne Bailey Ray said " The more things seem to change, the more they stay the same, don't you hesitate "  and i believe in her. In order to stay the same, in order to stay sane you need to change some parts or even a big part of your life in order to survive this big and crazy world.
Just like the broken fashion industry where all the creative directors were threw in and out in every seasons.  All big brands need a new vision to stay relevant,survive and prosper cause repetition kills. I learn it the hard way that if i repeat my bad habits all day everyday for a year or so, I lose the greatest thing I've had in life. I lost many opportunities, partner and ultimately i lose all of my hardwork for these past few years. I even lose myself cause when i realize that i was wrong and need to change. It's all too late. Don't repeat the same mistakes I've made guys. Believe me you, it hurts like hell and you'll stay there for awhile cause it takes time to heal, to reboot and reformat yourself.
All you need is a new vision and a well planned strategy, plan the risk you wanna take and warm yourself up before you jump. That's what grown ups do or at least the successful ones.
 I decided to jump out of my comfort zone, I finally dyed my hair green and blue after all the minimal aesthetic style i maintain these past year. It feels great and liberating, i decided to care less of what people think of me, my personal life and i choose to stay on the bright side, to stay positive and eliminate my bad habits and energy. I learn to step back from a chaotic situation, take a deep breath and ask myself, is this what i want? Is my heart okay with this? Do i need to fight right now? Will the situation changed if i keep fighting? Should i take sometime to re-evaluate everything? Sometimes to admit your defeat is a better option than to fight blatantly , my last advice is... Don't try to fix things alone, at least i need a fortune cookie to figure this out. "You'll get the help if you ask for one", sometimes you need to realize that us as human beings need one another to survive in the jungle. You need someone you could trust, not everyone though... Just a group of people you could trust, if you're lucky enough like i do, they'll help you cause they've been through the same situations in their lives. If not, don't hesitate to ask for help. Find people who are neutral, honest, kind and good. You'll end up digging a deeper whole if you ask the wrong and negative people just so you know. Keep private things private, just focus on one problem without being negative or mean. Be truthful, admit your mistakes and some of your friends will even point out your mistakes. Don't be defensive, you f*ucked up so you need to go through the consequences, you need to re-format your life. With a help or two you'll learn how to code yourself together and start your life with a new vision, same brand, same heart just a new vision. That's it for now i'm signing off... Have a blessed life people and you.... yes you if you read this i hope you'll have a happy, peaceful, prosper life full of kindness.

Photographed by Claradevi a.k.a lucedaleco

Top: Aesthetic Pleasure
Pants: Zhettova
Shoes& Blazer : Zara
Bag: Chloe Faye Bag #Chloegirls
Sunnies: Carrera


Nivea #GoodByePandaEye Launching Event

Sono stata invitata al launching party dello Struccante Sotto La Doccia Nivea un po' di tempo fa a Milano. Come previsto, è stata una serata educativa e divertente allo stesso tempo. Abbiamo imparato molto sul prodotto e come una beauty junkie mi sono divertita tantissimo! Senza trascurare il fatto che ho imparato moltissimo su un prodotto perfetto per i miei “lazy days” e per la rimozione quotidiana del make-up. Grazie alla sua innovativa formula bigel composta da oleogel (che rimuove impurità liposolubili come il make-up) e idrogel (per rimuovere impurità idrosolubili come il sudore) consente di struccare e purificare la pelle allo stesso tempo, senza mai seccarla. Non è fantastico? 

In soli 3 passaggi il viso è struccato e il make-up svanito: 

1.       Prelevare una noce di prodotto e massaggiarlo con movimenti circolari su viso e occhi
2.       Risciacquare il viso con acqua
3.       Make-up svanito, così come gli occhi a panda che ci ritroviamo quando non ci strucchiamo per bene!

L’highlight del giorno è stata la panda tattoo art che ho lavato via una volta arrivata a casa con lo Struccante Nivea.
Non ho più occhi di panda e mi auguro che anche voi possiate provare il prodotto e dirgli anche voi addio!

I was invited to the new Nivea goodbye panda launching party awhile ago in Milan. As expected the event was educative and fun at the same time. We learned a lot about the product and as a beauty junkie I had so much fun! Finally I have a product for my lazy days. With goodbye Panda eye you could clean your makeup and wash your face at the same time! How cool is that? The highlight of the even was the panda tattoo art that you could wash away with the nivea product easily at home. I have no more panda eyes and I hope you could try the product and say goodbye to yours too!

Image courtesy of Nivea Italia 



Days Like This

Days like this when you can't think clearly and everything looks sad on you. All you need is a few trustworthy items from your wardrobe. When the world fails you, you'll know at least your sense of style won't. A no fuss, comfy, cozy and no BS outfit. A set of leather clutch and purse with your initial on it, and you're ready to go! Trying to conquer your mind and to distract your heart from thinking lots of things lately. Thank you Vin Koo for the birthday gift, i love the clutch so much. :)

Bag: Vin Koo
Shoes; Jasmine Elizabeth
Watch: Briston 


Where's the Silver Lining?

Hi, as much as i want to share my feelings here in my blog. I just can't for this one. I'm waiting for the silver lining cause i'm ready to give up and quit everything all at once. Life is tough but love could crash you down in a blink of an eye.

Photographed by Sonia Eryka
Jumpsuit by  Zara
Shoes by Maison Margiela
Bag by Chloe faye bag
Watch by  Briston 


Micol Olivieri x Lesara

Sono andato a la sfilata di Micol Olivieri x Lesara un po' di tempo fa e naturalmente non posso smettere di pensare la collezione! Trendy, giovani, colorati, tutti cose  hype mescolare in un collection e il risultato è stato VA VA VOOM! Micol è una reality tv star e online influencer qui in Italia ha collaborato con Lesara e scegliere un gruppo di fashionista per essere modelli in catwalk.
Tutte le ragazze sono così piuttosto camminare e sorridente,  tutti in diverse taglie e che forse perché amo questa collezione. Mi piace il modo in cui i vestiti boost la loro fiducia, super duper love it!  La cosa più sorprendente è la collezione è super convenienti in modo che non hanno bisogno per soffiare il vostro denaro in nome della moda.
Sicuramente si dovrebbe controlare i collezioni , si dividono i collezioni per stile e un grande aiuto per me , perché ho potuto fiducia Micol Olivieri per essere il mio stilista gratuitamente!

I went to a mini fashion show of Micol Olivieri x Lesara awhile ago and of course i can't stop thinking about the collection! It's so trendy, young, colourful, everything hype mix in one collection and the result was VA VA VOOM!Micol is a reality tv star and online influencer here in Italy, she collaborated with Lesara and pick a group of fashionista to be a model on the catwalk. All the girls are so pretty walking and smiling, they're all in different sizes and maybe that's why i love this collection. I love how the clothes boosted their confidence and everything fits super well! The most amazing thing is the collection is super affordable so you don't have to blow your cash in the name of fashion.
Make sure you check the collection out, they divide the colections by style and it's a big help for me at least, because i could just trust Micol Olivieri to style my looks for free!

Image Courtesy of Lesara
Check out the collection HERE


Seriously Chill

Ciao Ragazzi, come stai? Se state pensando a come far crescere i miei capelli così veloce da subito la risposta è ... Ho indossato un set di clip extensions dal mio sponsor   .
Fare controllare il loro premio veri capelli clip extensions perché mi piace tanto! È così morbido e brillantissime.
Comunque ho deciso di fare una casual photoshoot dopo un meeting al mio bar preferito qui a Milano. Mi considero una persona tranquilla , mi piace avere un set di vestiti slouchy, accogliente e neutrale per tutti i giorni. Anche tu piace indossare questo tipo di vestiti?

Hey Guys how are you? If you're thinking about how could i grow my hair so fast right now, the answer is... I wore a set of hair clip extensions from my lovely sponsor . Do check out their premium real human hair clip cause i love it so much! It's so soft and blend-able.
Btw i decided to do an impromptu photoshoot after an afternoon meeting at my favorite cafe here in Milan. I consider myself as a pretty chill person, i love to have sets of easy to wear outfits. Slouchy, cozy and neutral. Do you love to wear cozy outfits too?

Photographed by Ayu Ananto
Top: Forever21
Bag & Pants: Zara
Sneakers: Adidas tubular in black
Hair clip extension: Irresistibleme


Street Of Milan

Appena un giorno ordinario qui a Milano, ho provato la mia nuova canon G7x e i risultati sono piuttosto sorprendenti no?! Ho chiesto il mio abituale partner in crime per aiutarmi a scattare queste foto di fuori del mio appartamento. La gonna con high slit nel mezzo dell'inverno è abbastanza rischiosa ma devi indossare quello che ti piace proprio (in nome della moda). Non ho niente di cui parlare davvero, voglio solo augurarvi ragazzi una settimana felice e gioiosa al mese! Ciao

Just a casual day here in Milan, i tested my new pocket camera and the results are pretty amazing! I asked my usual partners in crime to help me shoot these pic outside of my apartment. The high slit skirt in the middle of winter is pretty risky but you gotta wear what you like right (in the name of fashion). I have nothing to talk about really, i just wanna wish you guys a happy week and a joyful month! Ciao

Photographed by Ayu Ananto
Top: &OtherStories
Skirt: @AgyNYC
Shoes: Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 moonrock