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Corso Como

I cant believe, it's almost 2 weeks since i abandoned my blog! I'm such a bad blogger, boohoo! So sorry for the long hiatus i've been busy lately catching up with a few of my close friends and of course finally i meet my boyfriend! yeay! How are you guys? Fasting month is almost over so hang on there!
I'm in Jakarta right now(check my instagram for more updates!), these are some pics that my sister took during her visit to Milan for my graduation day. I got the skirt from Chlorine Clothe and i really love it so much!   I also got my super dreamy butterfly necklace all the way from New York! bitybeadsnyc is the name of the brand! Super obsessed, and even my boyfriend said that the necklace is really beautiful. Oh some of you guys really want me to have vlogs rather than this blog, what do you think? Any suggestion? because i really want to know what my readers think about my blog, btw from now on i think i'll make posts in English and Indonesian, so enjoy!

Ga nyangka! Hampir2 minggu sejak aku ninggalkan blog ini! Berasa ga becus bgt ngurus blog, boohoo! Maaf untuk "tidur" panjang soalnya aku sudah sibuk akhir-akhir ini. Akhirnya bisa ketemu sama beberapa teman-teman dekat aku dan tentu saja akhirnya aku bisa ketemu pacar! yeay! Bagaimana kabar kalian? Bulan puasa hampir berakhir loh, semangat ya teman teman yang menjalankan ibadah puasa!

Buat yang belum tau, sekarang aku di Jakarta (cek instagramku untuk update terbaru!), yang ada di post ini adalah beberapa foto yang kakaku ambil selama kunjungannya ke Milan untuk hari wisudaku. Di post ini aku pakai rok dari Chlorine Clothe , suka banget pakenya karena nyaman dan bisa di mix and match ama banyak baju lainya. Buat yang ngeliatin kalung kupu kupu di atas daritadi,  bitybeadsnyc nama merknya! bagus banget yaaaa, dan bahkan pacarku bilang kalung itu benar-benar bagus

 Oh beberapa dari kalian udah email dan ask/fm aku untuk request bikinvlogs daripada blog ini, bagaimana menurutmu? Any suggestion? karena aku benar-benar ingin tahu apa yang pembaca saya pikir tentang Hippiegonemad, btw mulai sekarang sku buat postdalam bahasa Inggris dan Indonesia, so enjoy and read more!

Skirt: Chlorineclothe
Necklace: Bitybeadsnyc 
Bag: Birthday gift from Anastasia Siantar 


Featured on Looks Magazine #theirown

Looking at the mini me makes me realize that i change a lot! What do you think? If this ugly duckling could change, i believe that you could be whoever you want to be. Nobody could dictate your destiny and i'm far from "langsing and sexy" because my weight fluctuate like crazy, i could gain 7 kg in a week if i don't control myself... but thank you looks! *kiss


Cinque Terre

Third time is a charm they said, i went to cinque terre three years ago with my mom before my fashion journey started , the second time was two years ago when Hippiegonemad grew bigger than i have ever expected and this time i went to cinque terre for the third time after my graduation. I really hope i''ll start another exciting journey of fashion and of course life after my summer adventure. Can't wait to be back to Indonesia next week! See you guys soon, be safe during and after presidential election. I'm praying for you guys and our country Indonesia. Btw i'll give you some information just  in case you want to go to Italy(specifically cinque terre) for your lebaran holiday. Oh another thing to share, since you guys request for a simple daily outfit post, as you can see i wear a super casual outfit to cinque terre, and i also wear my LV bag because... thou shall travel with LV. :)

Cinque terre is 5 villages in the coast of Italy called la Spezia, The five villages are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore you can visit each village by train!

From Milan you should take a train to la Spezia Centrale, usually you hop on another train in genova the round trip will cost you around 64 euro/person. I've been there three times so unless you really really have the time to explore, i suggest you to go to Riomaggiore, Manarola and Vernazza. You could also go to Monterosso if you want to spend more time at the beach, because the other villages don't have any sandy beach. Manarola is my personal favorite!

What to do in Cinque Terre:
It will took the whole day to explore everything but if you have the time, do stay for one night and see the lights of Cinque Terre. In Manarola you could go to an agency in Via Roma 24 for more information about hotels or rooms in the village.

-Swimming: You could jump from the cliff right to the Mediterranean Sea, be careful i saw a groups of jellyfish once.
-Seafood Galore: I think every restaurant is amazing, you should try the pasta with lobster or seafood platter. Super yummy!
-Photoshoot: Okay ladies you need to put the best summer outfit on because the view in every cities are amazing, so bring more than 2 outfits(or maybe if you have the body just bring a cute set of bikini). If you love axioo then you already know that some of the couples choose Manarola to be their pre-wedding destination :)
-Enjoy the local bar!
-Explore the village: from church to small souvenir shops!
-Hiking:There's a huge track for hiking in every villages.

I could give you a lot more info about the food and where to explore but i think you should have your own adventure there, find the best gelato in Manarola, play volleyball with a bunch of italian in Monterosso and don't forget to share your story with me if you go to cinque terre :). Have fun guys!

Bag:Louis Vuitton 


Witch In The Wonderland

The sun showed me no mercy that day, during my witching our, surrounded by rainbow colored houses in a secret place far far away. It's my fault, i know... but black and white is my daily uniform. I could function better in black and white and red of course! I had a fun trip to a small village called burano, ah... i was (believe it or not) working that day for a special project. I need to keep it as HGM biggest secret for now, but i promise I'll tell you later within a month and a half or two.
I feel so blessed right now, as i type this blogpost.... Years ago people called me idiot because i love my shoes more than anything, but yes good shoes will take you to good places. The first post of this blog was my first two pairs of jeffrey campbell heels 3 years ago. I don't know if that post is still exist in this blog since i change my whole blog and some posts are missing(sorry people).
Btw, if you paid attention on yesterday's post, i wear an oversized shirt with embroidery on the back that said "Trust Yourself". You really need to trust yourselves people, your destiny is yours! So don't let anybody dictate you, years ago i wonder why i can't fit in during my high school years, maybe i was or i AM a freak. so what!? After watching three seasons of Orange is The new Black i realize that I'm not a freak, I'm unique.... High school taught me that to be dislike is perfectly normal, you can't please anyone and it was a humbling experience i guess. I was a nobody in my high school, and now... I'm entering a whole new level after i graduate! From my experience, you need to stay humble no matter what. You will always be a nobody to somebody unless you're Beyonce.
Just trust your guts and follow your passion, i met a lot of super cool and humble people during my "trip" to (let's say only...) Burano. One of them was the most talented and humble photographer i've ever met. Y'all must now his name by now,  Mr. Kay Moreno from Moreno Photography . He always capture everything with elegance and create beauty at its finest. I admire him and his wife so much(hi ka jo!), they create a wonderland out of no where! + their sense of humor make them even more perfect(Oh and their super perfect daughters of course duh!! *envi*).
Long story short, here are the lovely pics of Mr. Kay Moreno! I feel like a witch in the wonderland!

Photograph by Ka Kay Moreno

Blazer: Next
Shirt: @Lacouvertureshop
Shorts: Supergurl
Heels: Stella Mccartney;
Bag:Michael Kors


Florence e Siena

 After all this time, finally i can share my super fun trip to Florence, Siena and my wine tasting experience in Tuscany. Just like those post card pictures, art is everywhere in Florence! Here are some info just in case you want to go to Florence(Thanks to Kim + Kanye, a lot of people come to Florence just to visit their wedding venue) , Siena and have some unforgettable wine tasting experience in Tuscany.

- We took FrecciaRossa train from Milano Centrale-St.Maria Novella train station you can find the schedule at it took more or less 2,5 hours and 70-100 euro/person for round trip.
-You could also plan a trip to Pisa and Rome from Florence!
-Firenze is Florence, they're the same! So don't be fooled guys.
- I rent an apartment for 5 people from , if you prefer to stay in a hotel you could visit for more info. (p.s the best hotel in florence is four seasons hotel! but for a clean and affordable hotel i suggest C-Diplomat Hotels super comfy, clean + 2 minutes from the S.M.N train station)

What to do in Florence:

-Piazzale Michelangelo : Best panoramic view of Florence!
-Gucci Museum: If you love fashion then come to the museum
-Ponte Vecchio: The oldest bridge in Florence, they built a lot of jewelry shops there
-Duomo: Beautiful church of Florence a must see!
-Shopping: There's Luisa Via Roma store in Florence(p.s you can ask for a taxi to Luisa via Roma OUTLET for free from the store, it's like a shuttle service basically), there's also a high end shopping street, but if you're a student like me visit the leather market in Mercato Nuovo.

What to eat in Florence:

-Fiorentina Steak(it's a 1,5-2 kg steak):
Tratoria Zaza- Piazza del mercato centrale, 26/r - Firenze 
Tel. 055/215411
-Pollo al Burro(Chicken cooked in butter): 
Tratoria Sostanza
Via Porcellana, 25red  (closed saturday and sunday)
-Gelato Santa Trinita (i love the coffee and black sesame, you can pick 2 flavor for the small cup)
Piazza Frescobaldi, 11-12/r (Ponte Santa Trinita)
50125 - Firenze
Tel. 055 2381130
-Tao Restaurant (in case your parents want some asian dishes, they served the best tom yam soup with rice)
Corso Italia 35, Firenze

p.s Here in Italy almost all of the restaurant will close at 3 p.m and will be open for dinner time at 7.p.m

What to do in Siena:
i only went there to the piazza but you can also go to the tower there!
we basically just get lost in Sienna and you should try their special pasta called Pici 

Wine tasting:
You can taste 8 or more glasses of wine and they will also educate you on how to produce the wine etc. If you love wine then you should definitely book a tour.
Just google it or click here for an example of wine tour in tuscany.

If you come to Florence on July, the weather here is hotter than Jakarta so bring your sun block pretty people and enjoy! I prepared a video for all of you but i don't know when will i publish it because i need a video editor asap :(. Ciao ciao!

Shirt: Front Row Shop
Skirt and Sandal: H&M

Corso Italia 35 - Firenze


Graduation Ceremony

Yes i'm a fashion graduate now! Yeay. It feels good and sad at the same time but the good news is i will be in Jakarta from 14 July until 3 September! Another good news is i will continue my education and hopefully will get my master degree next year! God is good! Thank you so much for all of my readers who literally follow me from the day i started this journey as a fashion student until now! Love you guys to the moon and back and see you in jakarta! *kisskiss and for my new followers or who wil follow my blog(just click the button!) welcome to my virtual wonderland!

I also want to thank my mom and sister, without them i won't be the person i'm supposed to be right now. I was a little bit sad because my dad couldn't come but i'll see him soon in Jakarta. I hope i could make you all proud one day. 

Btw i'm supposed to wear my white dress but i got my monthly period the day before my graduation day, so....i improvised i wear a simple top and shorts then drape my batik scarf around as a skirt. Less is more and i love it!

Top: Zara
Batik scarf as skirt: Mom's
Shoes  Charlotte Olympia
Bag:Michael Kors