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So this will be the second part of #Cindyslovelife! We went to Louvre during our trip to Paris! For those who never go to this amazing place and happen to plan your trip to Paris, i recommend you  to take the hop on hop off bus because it'll save your time like a LOT. We took the foxcity tour bus and it cost us about 20 euro/person. The bus stop was near the ice cream shop in front of the Eiffel tower where you can see the famous carousel. If you took the same tour bus like us, Louvre will be on the stop number 7 i believe.
When you go to Louvre don't forget to go inside the museum(you need to buy a ticket) or if you love to shop just go to the underground mall under and you can see the up side down pyramid too!
Since we don't buy a simcard, for y'all wifi hunter, you can go to apple store or the shopping center to get FREE wifi!
Inside the shopping center you'll find all kinds of brands from Balenciaga, Givenchy, Saint Laurent to Furla, Rimowa and Longchamp! My boyfriend and i also went to the food area and get ourselves a big cup of Ben & Jerry's because it was super hot that day. You can tell that i'm a little bit tan right now don't you?
For the outfit, since we're in Paris i wanted to wear this jumpsuit and pair it with big floppy hat + bijoux necklace to add the chicness. My boyfriend wore his new favorite sneakers which is the Yeezyboost sneakers by Adidas and his usual black outfit. So, i hope i help you a little bit dear boys and girls who want to look chic together.... in Paris. See you on my next post!

Photographed by Ivan Victor Lucas and myself
necklace: P.W.N.G
heels: Alberto Guardiani
Top: Yeezy T-shirt
Denim: Asos
Sneakers: Yeezy Boost 350 by Adidas


Cindy's Love Life #1

Return to my comfort zone after all this time to pour my heart out. I rarely put my boyfriend in here because we're 7000 miles apart for this past 4 years. BUT, he finally came all the way from Jakarta to Milan for oe month to help me with my thesis and to be introduced to my new world. He touched my heart with his kindness and i thought i love him so much already but here i am falling in love with this extraordinary guy all over again. I admire his perseverance and he always teach me a lot of things everyday. Sometimes i saw him acting like a child when he saw his favorite stores or food but that's my reaction too so... We're alike and we speak the same language when it comes to fashion and food. So here's the first post of my "Cindy's Love Life series". My adventure with my love one in Europe.
I miss him so much right away but let me tell you that story by the end of the series.
Here, we went to Monte Baldo, a mountain near lake Garda. My favorite place in Italy and i finally could share it with my favorite person. We're like the yin and the yang right? Enjoy the pics and Do tell me how your love story started down below!


Princess and The Frog

Hello hello so sorry for my absence, just finish my thesis and i just need to wait for my graduation day to come! yeay!!! Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers through comments, insta, and snapchat! Super love you guys, btw i just got this amazing necklace by Happiness Boutique . Super love how it instantly make me look somehow presentable eventhough i just wear a t shirt and black leather skirt. Oh but after i feel like a modern day princess with this necklace i also didn't forget to use my frog prince clutch and thanks to my photographer we went to palazzo reale near duomo to take this shoot!

Photographed by Tridan Yoshua
T-shirt: Forever21
Shoes: Stu Milano
Clutch: Love Moschino
Necklace: Happiness Boutique


A day in a cafe #HGMinmilan

It was nice to be able to meet your friends in a cozy place other than home, while listening to the music and have a sip of Italian coffee or fresh squish juice every now and then. In Milan i found a lot of cafe that tourists don't even heard of because it's like a secret places for us who live in Milan to escape from the tourists.
So sorry milanese, i'm about to  spill the best secret places in Milan which is Pave , a cafe full of goo pastries, music, cakes, coffee and an Zayn Malik lookalike waiter. What more could you ask for? The whole 1 Direction lookalike waiters.... I know i know...
Here is the information and do come here whenever you go to Milan, Italy.

Pave Milano
via Felice Casati 27, Milano
+39 02 94392259
mar/ven (tuesday-friday) 8.00 - 20.00
sab/dom (saturday/sunday)8.30 - 19.00
lunedì chiuso (closed on monday)

Btw for those who always ask where could you get my super favorite shoes from Stella Mccartney, it's on sale now only at Neiman Marcus i'll give you the link down below!

Photographed by Maytridan Sumalong
Shirt: Vintage
Denim: Cheap Monday similar here
Shoes: Stella Mccartney buy here
Bag: Aesthetic Pleasure  


Fat Fit Journey

First of all, i'm not a fitness guru(of course you can all see how round my body is) and i only share my experience / some things i found on the internet to motivate us all to be fit and not fat. I didn't say fat is bad but if you prefer to be fit and you will be happier if you are then we're in the same page!yeay!+ This is a non sponsored post!
Here are some tips(for myself) that are working for me when i want to change my diet:

1. Have a food diary: My trainer suggest an app called My Fitness Pal you can download the app and add the food that you eat through out the day to know how much was your calorie intake.
2. Drink Water: I thought i'm supposed to drink only 1.5 liters a day but then after a research i found out i need to drink at least 3 liters/day and 1 big fat glass before each meals! Let's do a 30 days 3 liters of water challenge shall we!
3. Don't force yourself to do what other's do: What works for you might not works for others, if yoga is not for you then keep searching for something that click with your mind and soul! Running was not for everyone, i prefer hiking and weight lifting or a fun interval training for my cardio, but at least walk and take the stairs! Be active if you want to lose more calories :) You should work hard but if you love what you do than it'll be easier and more fun! Dance, run, play basketball, badminton, tennis, there are a lot of options to choose. My tips is in order to love it you should try it at least twice :).
4. Eat more vegetable! I love all kind of vegetables so this one is so easy for me but try to substitute the fried and stir fry food with grilled and boiled ones. For us asians, hotpot/shabu2 is the best way to eat vegetables!
5. Get pro with the proteins: My boyfriend told me that protein is way better than carbs because our body needs to process the protein longer than the sugar in carbs. So instead of rice change it with quinoa. Eat more fish and chicken + eggs.
here are some blogs that i love because they provide many healthy recipes:
Eat Yourself Skinny , He and She Eat Clean , iowagirleats , The Gracious Pantry , Funeral For My Fat and last but not least you can get a clean eating meal plan here at The Kitchen Shed .

After all the positive things i want to tell you my struggle to stay healthy :(

Lists of my bad habits that make it hard for me to lose weight:
1.Snacks : I love snacking but a bag of chips will be gone in 10 minutes even if i said to myself "just eat one cindy"
2. Sweets/Desserts: I LOVE desserts, can you tell from my instagram? but eventually i need to get a grip and gain my self control.
3. Lazyness: I'm too lazy to go to the gym, get sweaty and i need to encountered various models and pretty people while I'm like a little piggy trying to run as fast as i can. I know people always tell themselves that is not always about you, but for my gym time i always try to focus on my own progress rather than to look around. By the end of the day, it's you who could change your own world not others. You have the key to success, all you have to do is to focus and just do it!

Photographed by Maytridan Sumalong
Top: COS
Legging: Nike (gifted)
Shoes: Nike Huarace


Featured On IFBKSeoul -Interview

I was featured on IFBKseoul on their interview session! Thank you IFBKseoul contributor Gabriela for the amazing pic and super fun interview time here in Milan. Read the full article HERE!


Don't Leave Me When The Storm Comes

My most melancholic post title to date! How's your day everyone? I've been thinking a lot about those friends who always disappear when you're in need and they will contact you once you're back on top or when they need you to hook them up with someone they like or important. In my honest opinion, we should always be kind to everyone eventhough maybe we're not on the same page but we should be in control of our happiness. time and privacy.
The one think i learned from my friends and my own personal experience was to not to type when you're angry. Don't let your emotion control others perception of you, just because of one single tweet, path, or maybe facebook wall post you could lose your true identity because people love drama and they love to gossip about you without even bother to search for the truth.
I learned to keep the ones who matter the most as close as possible and build walls around myself. Control yourself from pouring your heart out to social media. You'll feel even more powerful when you could solve a problem with a dose of kindness and understanding. You'll know who's important in your life and who's not after the storm. So don't leave your love ones when the storms come.

Photographed by Tridan Yoshua
Coat: COS
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Acne
Bag: Enpens