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Tomboy in Pink

Choosing my signature style was never easy, sometimes i could be girly(on rare occasion and i love it) or most of the time i wear simple outfit with an edge . I'm always confuse when people ask me about my signature style in many interviews, hardest question ever and i will change the answer from time to time mostly or should i say definitely?
I believe that we're multifaceted creatures, we absorb knowledge including knowledge about fashion, some of us always try our best to look good. For me, i wear clothes that could make me feel good instead. I dressed to satisfy my fashion appetite, let's make it simple ladies... If somebody ask you to change your outfit just because he/she hates it, ask them to think about fashion as their favorite food. If your friends hate or even allergic to chocolate eventhough they clearly know chocolate is your favorite snack, will you follow them and hate chocolate for the rest of your life? The answer will be NO right? We can freely express ourselves and live happily through our choices, whether it's fashion, food or anything else. As long as it doesn't harm anyone, just be you!
Oh and about tattoo, dear teenagers... Obey your parents unless you could provide yourselves. As long as they still work hard and pay the bills, you need to obey them because you're not mature enough to make a permanent choices like tattoos or getting pregnant. Thank God Lolitatoo sells a variety of temporary tattoos that look super real and trust me, even my dad almost got a heart attack when he saw the ribbon on my arms. He thought that it was a real tattoo! I was thinking about having a real tattoo for awhile but after having this temporary tattoo for a week, i couldn't wait to change it!
In this outfit i also challenged myself to wear my most tomboy basketball jersey from Dignitycloth and paired it up with my barbie heels from Sachlirene . Why not right? Let's show our tomboy and girly side at the same time and tag me on instagram!

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Seleziona il mio signature style non è facile, a volte potrei essere girly o la maggior parte del tempo che indosso abito semplice con "edge". Sono sempre confondere quando le persone mi chiedono il mio signature style in molte interviste, sempre il piu difficile domanda, certamente cambierò la risposta ogni volta.
Credo che siamo "multifaceted creature", assorbiamo la conoscenza, inclusa la conoscenza di moda, alcuni di noi sempre provare a guardare bene. Per me, indosso vestiti che potrebbe farmi sentire bene, invece. Mi vestii per soddisfare il mio fashion apettite,. Se qualcuno ti chiede di cambiare la vostra look solo perché lui / lei odia, chiedere loro di pensare alla moda come il loro cibo preferito. Se i vostri amici odiano o  allergico al cioccolato vedevamo che chiaramente sanno cioccolato è il vostro snack preferito, vuoi seguirle e odiare il cioccolato per il resto della tua vita? La risposta sarà NO giusto

Preferiamo vivere liberamente e scegliamo come le nostre preferito, che si tratti di moda, cibo o qualsiasi altra cosa. Finché non fa male a nessuno, solo essere voi!
In questo outfit ho anche indossato il mio più maschiaccio jersey basket da Dignitycloth e abbinato in su con i miei tacchi barbie da Sachlirene. Perché no? Mostriamo il nostro tomboy e girly look allo stesso tempo e mi tag su instagram!

Photographed by Ivan Victor Lucas
Basketball Jersey by DignityCloth
Short by Zara
Shoes by Sachlirene Shoes
Clutch by Gemma goods
Necklace by Massicot 
Hair Extention by Kollage ID


White Essential for GAP #STYLDBY

 Il mio ultimo e più favorite look per il mio GAP #styldby collaborazione! Ha preso questa foto mentre sono in Singapore per un viaggio di vacanza con la mia famiglia e fidanzato. Mai! nella mia vita ho un paio di jeans o pantaloni bianchi, lo odio perché farò la mia parte inferiore del corpo sembra grasso , ma poi ... Come una persona che indossa bianco, nero e grigio, quasi tutti i tempo, ho finalmente scelto questo jeans bianchi e lo indosso per molti occasione diversa ! è comodo, super stretch e la cosa più importante è che questo jeans mi fa guardare bene e questo è quello che importa  come le donne giusto? Si dovrebbe assolutamente avere questo paio di jeans bianchi, non preoccupatevi se sei e un petite, si può effettivamente modificare la lunghezza dei vostri jeans nel negozio GAP!
Ho abbinato i miei jeans bianchi con i miei accessori colorate in modo che il colore della mia borsa e le scarpe pop!

My last and most favorite look for my GAP #styldby collaboration   ! Took this  pictures while i was in Singapore for a holiday trip with my family and boyfriend. Never in my life i have a pair of white jeans or pants, i hate it because it'll make my lower body part looks "full", but then... As a person who wears white, black and grey, almost all the time, I finally choose this white jeans and i wear it for many different occasion eversince, it's comfy, super stretch and the most important thing is that this jeans makes me look good and that's all we care about as women right? You should definitely have this pair of white jeans, don't worry petite ladies, you can actually alter the length of your jeans in the GAP store with a little amount of extra money. 
I paired my white jeans with my white top and colorful accessories so that the color of my bag and shoes pop!

Photographed by Ivan Victor Lucas
Shirt: Zara
Jeans: GAP 
Necklace: @Imagineindo 
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Watch: Daniel Wellington


My Luxola Shopping Experience

I got my first LUXOLA product a year ago and i became a devoted client of Luxola ever since. When i saw the 3 Concept Eyes products in Luxola, i bought it right away because i can't get any of the products in Europe, but i can always trust Luxola because they always make my beauty wishlist come true. 

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The process was super easy:

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5. Sign in
6. Fill in your shipping address and continue
7. You can pay via credit/debit/ you can pay with cash on delivery if your mom don't trust luxola yet! HA!
8. Wait and enjoy!

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With Love
Cindy Karmoko  


Sport Luxe

Try a different look with your favorite black dress,spice your look with a multicolored sneakers! Bought my first New Balance sneakers and i paired it up with my black dress as the second look of my GAP Styld,by collaboration . Shoes are your best accessory. It'll change your whole look and it has the power to add a hint of sporty in your feminine everyday wear, do try this out at home!

Photographed by Ivan Victor Lucas
Dress: GAP
Sneakers: New Balance
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim 


Blue Hue for #STYLDBY

I never find a perfect denim jacket anywhere, those odd fitted vintage finds will never be my preference when it comes to casual outerwear but when i arrived in Jakarta a month ago, i was contacted by GAP to collaborate and to choose their signature denim collection for the GAP Styld,by collaboration  
I finally find my perfect denim jacket, i love the texture and you can wear it with your most comfiest fashion pieces and you'll look "ready" and presentable if you want to go to a casual date or of course concert. Clashing texture, and prints is a smart idea to be the center of attention without tying too hard.

Photographed by Ivan Victor Lucas

Denim Jacket: C.o GAP
White Shirt: C.o GAP
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Kanikina