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Twenty Two

I can't believe that I'm twenty two years old right now and today by far is the loneliest birthday ever, thanks to the easter break. As time goes by i really know the people whom i should keep in my life and the ones i should let go.
Another lesson to learn...
 I always think that I'm still young enough to make all of the mistake I've made before, i love to challenge myself and to test my limits.
I love to learn new things while i still can. I want to live my life to the fullest in a positive way so when i'm 70 years old i won't regret a lot of things.
I've encountered a lot of inspiring people during this past three years, i feel super blessed. Yesterday i just knew that a person whom i admire was impressed by my work and surprisingly my style! Yes I'm still twenty two years young, and i feel super honored to be able to work with the legends in Indonesia's fashion industry.
 My sunday school teacher once told me to live like a sponge, absorb everything, keep everything in your mind, learn as much as you can and seek God every second of your life. I absorb a lot of things since then. Sometimes i absorbed a lot of bad things and thoughts, negativity is a toxin and you need to detox not only your body but also your soul sometimes. You need to let go of the past, you need to be angry! Yes be angry for a good half an hour ALONE. So that you won't hurt anybody, i was super childish a few weeks ago when i was angry and i put everything in one of the social media. I feel super childish and i realized that it was super obnoxious to be angry in public. I'm not a teenager anymore right!?
Last but not least i learned to be selfless, it's always about me me me and me! You can't feel the true happiness if you're not willing to share, i was inspired by a friend of mine, maybe you know her already, her name is Talisha Quinta she used to be a fashion blogger years ago and instead of a big party she made a charity for those in need of clean water, you can check her charity and i would like to celebrate my birthday by contributing on her charity work too. So let's celebrate my birthday together by donating to Talisha's charity project! *kisskiss* 

Don't forget to join my Birthday Giveaway HERE coz i'll announce the winner tomorrow!

Top&Sunnies: &OtherStories
Denim:Cheap Monday
Sandal: Juju Shoes
Bag:Gifted from le boyfriend


In a Good Mood (for Birthday GIVEAWAY)

Having a good time with spring on my feet yesterday and i really love my clutch from ZorraShop , i'm so sorry for the late blogpost about this clutch because i'm in Milan already when this clutch arrived at my home in Jakarta. I love early birthday presents though! So *cough* if anyone of you want to send me a birthday present or two! LOL AH! i'm in a good mood to celebrate my birthday with all of my lovely readers, I'll give one of the lucky winner this Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay since this is my everyday make up palette and i think you guys love it too, no? So free Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette everyone?

I used to pick the winner but the first and second winner didn't follow my instructions. you need to follow my blog because i will only give the present to one of my readers and don't forget to put your email on the comment.  Since my birthday is in the 18th of April so i chose the 18th entries and the winner is
  Efika Saragih,

Thank you so much for all of the entries, will have another giveaway soon so don't worry! *kisskiss* 


B for Bvlgari

April is here! My birthday date is getting closer! Ah, how i wish i never get old, it'll be the busiest week this year because of the Milano Design Week and i have tons of school works before my major spring break next week yeay!
As comfortable as it could be the ACNE dress is my current favorite thing from my wardrobe right now, never too revealing because the glimpse of your calf is enough, it hides all of my unwanted fat perfectly. I can dress up to a meeting with this outfit and tone it down if i want to later. You need at least one of this black dress in your wardrobe. Super essential! Maybe you could check if there's any blag dress in RamuneShop 's new collection on Marketplace Zalora on mid April.
 I matched it with my tricolor heels and of course my gifts from Bvlgari. I feel super blessed! Can't wait to post my video journey with Bvlgari! and guyssss please comment and answer this question.
What do you want right now? Any giveaway ideas because i think i need to share my happiness with one of my readers!

Photographed by Kaymori
Dress: ACNE studios
Blazer: Next
Shoes: Stella McCartney
Ring: Bvlgari
Clutch: Bvlgari 



April #ObjectofDesire

M.A.C studio scalp foundation(buy it here ), Sigma Beauty extended eyeliner kit ( as seen on Luxola ), Saint laurent sac de jour tote ( buy it here ), Charlotte Olympia pumps ( buy it here ), Charlotte Tilbury multi miracle glow mask (buy it here ), Mario Badescu facial spray (as seen on Luxola ),  Dior vernis, Anything from RAMUNE shop , Rahua finishing treatment (as seen on Luxola ), Dolce&Gabbana lace bra (buy it here )

I think this will be my official Object of desire session, since April is my birthday month *cough... So here are my April wishlist and i think i need everything! What do you want this month? Any giveaway idea?



Me wearing flats? Is that slippers? What happen!? The truth is sometimes i love to wear flats, my big toe was injured and bruised thanks to Disclosure. I was also wearing my heels everyday all the time in Rome for the Bulgari event , ah i wish i could share everything with you guys! Rome is a small heaven!! My life is a BAM! right now, just like my sweater said, i bought the sweater while i was in NewYork with Fimela, how fast the time flies! I saw the word BAM! and i thought I'll wear that sweater everytime i have the BAM! of my life.Btw speaking of flats, i want to ask you a lot of questions!

What makes your life flat? What makes you think that you haven't live your life to the fullest?
Did you make a bad decision a few years ago and you're currently trap in a monotonous 9 to 5 office life?  
What makes you happy? Do you have any ambition at all? Who are you and what defines you as a person?
What will people say about you if i ask them about your personality? 

Yes, most of the time you'll blame your life situation, I'm boring because my boss needs me everyday in the same city, same office, same everything. I'm boring because i have no money to build an orphanage or to do any humanitarian works like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but most of the time you're boring because you're too afraid or too lazy to move, to make a difference for yourself, to trust your talent and to step outside of your comfort zone.
I know some people who have the dream jobs, great positions, steady life just like a mill pond but then... They decided to leave everything and start a new thing right back to point zero. What's the point of going back to the start while you're on the highest top of your career. You're a senior, cocktail parties,fine dining, invited to the biggest event in town. Are you insane? The truth is... they're smart enough to ignore the judgement and to choose to enjoy their life while they still can. For all of you, students.. Take your time, i have a gap year to think about what i want to do in my life and i think you should not pick something just because your parents told you to. 
Thirty years from now, you'll be on your own, will you enjoy your life? Will you regret your decision? Fear or failure will always be there, the simplest thing to know how bad your desire is to imagine, what kind of jobs that you'll do voluntarily? If money was not the object , if money doesn't exist what will you do ? 
I proudly said that i choose my own career path and my life is never flat! I work hard and i never hate fashion after all this time. I prefer to blog rather than spending my night in the club and it's my choice because I'd rather go to Rome and interviewed the CEO of Bulgari than trying to show how cool you are in path and instagram. I'm not against having fun so don't get me wrong, i go to club sometimes but you need to set your priority. Since i was in junior high school i participate in a lot of newscasting and public speaking competition, i participate in the national competition too just to test my skill and i really love to talk to a lot of people who's older than me. I choose to spend my time in high school with something useful, I'm not popular and i think some popular kids hate me just because they can. I'm one of the underdog, honestly i was sad and i hate my high school environment at that time, but *cough* who cares! First they laugh, then they follow right? 
Last advice for you pretty people who afraid to be who you really want; you only life once and time will never stop. You need to celebrate your life, i never went to Milan before ,but i chose to stay and study here.Because i thought I'm going to be fine here, i took the leap of faith and start with a small city like Milan. See the real world people, keep exploring! Run from your comfort zone, i wear outfits that i love and have hair colors that i prefer . What other people think about me is non of my business, be happy and be kind to one another! I hope this post will help you to find your own happiness. *kisskiss*
p.s For those who want to wear lovely outfits everyday you should shop HERE or click the shop's banner on my top header. Good clothes give you good vibes!

Photographed by Ayu Ananto, 
with Anastasia Siantar a.k.a The Brown Platform Girl 's camera (grazie anas!!)


Hair F.A.Q

Hi guys so sorry for the long overdue, better late than never no? I just got back from Rome and i got another work to be done (my school work too!) i really hope i could make another outfitpost this week *fingerscrossed*. After dozens of repetitive questions on email, twitter, insta, and facebook i decided to have a hair F.A.Q page her on HippieGoneMad. Just Click the pic on the side bar and BOOM, I've answered a lot of questions and i hope i could help you to achieve the healthiest colored hair possible. I'll update the page everytime i change my daily hair routine, so stay tune guys!

click HERE to jump to the hair F.A.Q page 


Little Things

If you ask the jet black haired Cindy Karmoko three years ago about which body parts or any parts of life that she would love to change, she'd said "EVERYTHING, i hate this and this and that also... ", but if you ask the present day Cindy, a platinum blonde who's almost 22 years old you will get "one must adapt in every life's situations in order to survive and to be relevant with the ever changing society" as the answer. I'm a whole different person now. I took three years for me to figure some big parts of my life out, and I'm still learning. Little by little, it doesn't matter how slow the process is.
I believe in fate but one also believe that we could change our fate too.
Start with little things because repetitive actions will start habit and habit will make character. I used to hate my body, i hate my feet, my toes, my nose and at the end i become my worst enemy. Try to wake up everyday and say good things about yourself in front of the mirror, compliment yourselves. "you're hair look major today!" or "your eyes look amazing!" sooner or later you'll love yourself even more, you respect who you are and no more low self-esteem. Let's become a better generation pretty creatures! ciao ciao i need to have my coffee time!

photographed by Kaymori
Sweater: Thrifted
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Stella Mccartney
Bag: Michael Kors