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Back To Turquoise

Hi again! I'm back with my turquoise hair!! How are you guys? I hope life treats you well, my life is super hectic right now, juggling between my final thesis, internship collaboration with WOKstore and also L'Officiel Italia! My hectic fashion jobs require me not only to wear comfortable functional outfits but also stylish. I need to represent the magazine for sure during press days no? I rarely wear colorful outfit, that's why eventhough this Rinjani kaftan is super comfortable, i still need something black somewhere in my outfit palette. So i put on my dad's vintage blazer and go! I love how the blazer makes my outfit less feminine and the pockets are super helpful too!
For all of my readers who have a lot of kaftan but don't know how to pull a look without looking to festive or (dare i say) out of style. Blazer is the best option. I also wear my loveliest earring from KollageID. Favorite affordable online shop of all time, do visit and shop!
I think that's all for now, i'm still in L'officiel Italia office while typing this post ahaha. Ciao ciao from the turquoise colored hair fashion intern yeay! P.S Do add my snapchat : Cindykarmoko for instant update from me!

Photographed by Ayu Ananto
Dress: Rinjani
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Blazer: Vintage
Earring: KollageID


Barbie in Jacquemus

When i was a kid i love to dress up my barbie everyday, and just like my barbie, i love to dress up myself too! Nowadays as a stylist and fashion consultant i can say that i play dress up all the time. I love to keep things minimal, but i love to be eclectic too. like this dress by Jacquemus that i got from wokstore! It's simple but the half bikini makes it so special, the pop pink color change my look entirely and of course i need to pair it with my barbie iphone case + an odd pumps by acne to add a dose of quirkiness. We can all be a grown up and play dress up like a barbie at the same time... Eventhough not all of us could wear half of our bikini in Italy though. Have a nice day!
ciao ciao!

Photographed by Ayu Ananto
Dress: Jacquemus
Heels: Acne Studios
Iphone Case: Moschino


Milan Street Style feat. #WOKSTORE + Featured on LookMagazine UK

I was featured on LookMagazine alongside other international bloggers! So happy and honored that a magazine from UK recognize me. I'm wearing my fav outfit that i got from Wokstore Milano. If you come to Milan you need to go to this cool conceptstore! It's in viale col di lana 5A, they sell a lot of stuff from KTZ to Moschino to Nike. Dopest stuff of the moment if i may say.

Photographed by Eli Alfina
Top: KTZ
Pants: Love Moschino
Slippers: Nike
all from Wokstore


Creative On Cue

Hi y'all! Trying something new for my blog today, made a few gif of my most favorite piece during the Milan and London fashionweek! as my blog readers are all dream achiever. I really want to share my experience with you guys regarding on the creative side of fashion since i already finish my undergraduate in fashion design and currently aiming for a master degree in fashion styling and visual merchandising. More or less, i fought the fight and i think i fight good and become better in each challenge!
As you may now I have my first internship with Harper's Bazaar Indonesia and i worked with  the super humble , Mr. Michael Pondaag as his stylist intern and Ka Aziz as his Bazaar web intern. I learned a lot from my experience from both of my senior and eventhough i always love fashion in every way possible; fashion is indeed not as glam as the front cover of a magazine or my personal style post that you saw. There were a lot of things going on behind the scene! That's why i really love people who understand and appreciate my part time job as an influencer! I don't know if "influencer" is a word or not btw, but i do love to spread good news about fashion and bad news if it will benefit my readers. I love changing your life because you also change mine!
I currently scored an internship at L'officiel Italia and i voluntary become  an intern for a concept store here in Milan as their social media stylist, i realize that we creative people need to be creative on cue. I need to edit all of the fashion week photos in a blink of an eye and maintain my own instagram and wokstore instagram + i need to make all of the posts according to the company's identity.
My tips to be creative on cue:
1. Study the brand identity and signature style
2. Don't be too idealist, sell the product! Eventhough you love to be artsy, by the end of the day you need to sell your art anyway.
3. If you work for a magazine, READ the magazine and read other magazine too! See who's the competitor and try to not to repeat what the competitors do.
4. Be flexible, don't focus only in one thing, be open minded and take the risk!
5. Don't be afraid to propose something new
6. Manage your time wisely!
7. If you work in team, remember they hire you as a team for a reason... You can't work alone! I love to analyze people and find their strength, if you know that they're better than you at some things. Let them do what they know best and include them in the process. The company goal is the priority, if you want to improve your skill....(read the next tips)
8. Improve your skill at home! Read books, ask uncle google, go to museum or fashion exhibition during weekend, have a dinner or lunch with your friends!
9. Save image as.... Save everything that inspires you, i save everything in this mean machine and organize them in folders. So when you need them you don't need to spend two hours to search for your long lost background.
10. Last but not least, never say you're tired, never say it's impossible, be kind and always smile!
Stay creative, be creative dear dreamers! Happy Sunday babes!

Designers of a/w2015 :
1. Burberry
2. Gucci
3. Christopher Kane
4. Mary Katrantzou
I took the image from  


LIVE Streaming Gucci Womenswear F/W 15-16

Hi! Since you're not in Milan, i would like to share this F/W 15-16 collection of Gucci LIVE from MFW. Enjoy!


I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Looking at the pictures my sister took during our trip to San Francisco and i thought "well... i miss SF so much!!" Looking at these image bring me a lot of good memories, USA is full of adventures and it really is the dream land. I miss the people that i met, the food and the scenery.
My skin was better there, confirming that USA is the place for me! I'm thinking of moving there but let's see! I hope God show me the best path of my future, but right now i think i'm in the right path... Typing this while waiting for my senior at the office to come and i'll start my day as a fashion intern in  one of Italy most prestigious magazine. I can't wait to share the story with you guys! But before then... enjoy the pics above!

Photographed by my sister
Top: Forever 21
T-shirt dress: Forever 21
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Stella Mccartney similar here
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Accessories: &OtherStories, Massicot, Forever 21


Lost in Turin

I went to Turin(Torino in Italian) last week with my bestfriend, i'm playing tourist this time instead of a tour guide because i never been in Turin before. It's a beautiful city full of surprises! I went to the museum full of Baroque style art and interior design. It used to be a palace i supposed. I really love the tiles but i just need to share this opulent Italian world with you guys. I prefer to have a white or grey background for my outfit but then... My restricted personal style will always be surrounded by this beautiful chaotic world so i decided to have an impromptu photoshoot inside the museum and voila! I also wanted to show you guys my new favorite necklace from P.W.N.G, sometimes you just need a BAM BAM Shackabam accessory to complete your whole outfit and this necklace is the answer. That's all for now, thank you for visiting my blog, enjoy the pics.

Photographed by Samantha King
Coat: COS (like here)
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Necklace: PWNG